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Chapter 2221: 2221

The older one got even more agitated under her sister’s incitement . Her voice rose a few decibels as she vented her fury . “Hmph! She’s got the cheek to talk about self-independence when she depends on her husband for a living! Can she even afford to stay in such a beautiful villa and have so many pretty clothes to wear if not for her husband? Doesn’t she need to depend on a man to have all these, too? What right does she have, then, to criticize me for wanting to marry a rich man as well? Am I not good enough?”

Inside the kitchen, Yun Shishi caught her grumbling and furrowed her brows .

Jealousy was often what caused a conflict between women, but she was not upset at all .

When others were jealous of a person, it only affirmed one’s success and fortune .

Besides, Yun Qingmiao was correct, too .

Mu Yazhe had sacrificed a lot for her, indeed . All the blessings she had right now, including Youyou, was given by the man .

She was grateful to him from the bottom of her heart and treasured what she had with him .

It was true that she felt ashamed of herself when she was with him in the past . That was why she worked very hard to be worthy of him .

Still, she knew that this was only her pride working against her . She no longer held the same thinking now .

She used to hold the notion that women should be independent before she met her husband . After being with him, she realized that the Maker did not create men and women to be equals .

Men had many natural advantages over their female counterparts, be it their physique, capability, or sense of responsibility .

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In return, women were gentler and more observant than men were .

Both coexisted with interdependency .

Women should be independent, but if a man was capable and responsible enough, then she might as well learn to trust and depend on him .

A woman yearned for such reliance, and a man looked to have such trust .

Smiling to herself, she turned on the tap and proceeded to wash the dishes .

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The sound of running water coming from the kitchen only heightened the negative sentiments in her older cousin, and the woman clenched her fists hard with a forlorn pout . Her mother quipped, “Can’t you see that she’s displaying a sense of superiority over us? She’s finally enjoying a good life with a husband from a rich family . This is a classic case of a woman marrying rich because of her progeny’s advantage . She must thank her two, adorable boys for her good fortune! Anyway, from what I can see, her luck won’t last long; she’s no different from the nouveau riche with her arrogant attitude! She’s struck it rich only because she’s slightly luckier than us!”

The younger daughter also chipped in, “That’s right! Poor us, we can only watch in envy at her good fortune now! Mom, I think that we’ve only come here to be insulted! Our cousin here appears to keep a low profile, but in reality, she’s showing off her wealth to us! Her words just then were meant to take a dig at us!”

Her mother walked over and signaled for her to stop . “Alright, that’s enough! Don’t let her hear your words . ”

The older of the two sisters continued muttering indignantly . “What sis said is right, anyway! What gave our cousin the right to tell us off? What did she mean by saying that an exceptional man won’t go for any girls? Well, she should look at herself first! Her husband is so exceptional; what did he see in her?!”

“I chose her simply because she’s Yun Shishi!”

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Mu Yazhe’s voice could be heard booming from the doorway out of the blue .

The trio was caught off guard as they jerked their heads up to see the man standing at the entrance .

The door had been left ajar to begin with .