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Published at 6th of January 2021 11:35:22 PM

Chapter 2220

Yun Shishi suddenly spun around and gave a gracious smile . “I’m indeed fortunate . The man I love loves me back . This is something that many want!”

“What’s the point of having love? Feelings may be important, but a relationship can’t do without material comfort!” countered the older sibling indignantly . “As the saying goes, ‘a poor couple brings nothing but bad luck . ’ A man must be exceptional if we want one!”

Her mother chipped in . “Niece, your cousin here isn’t young anymore . She’s older than you are, in fact . You already have two seven-year-olds, while she’s still single! How about you introduce a good man to her?”

Yun Qingmiao blushed and stomped her feet lightly on the ground in shy pretense . In her heart, though, she was full of anticipation . “Mom, what are you talking about?”

For one, she was pretty sure that her cousin’s husband would have many fine candidates among his circle of friends .

If she could lay her hands on a man with high status as her cousin-in-law, then she would get to enjoy the kind of fame and fortune that her cousin was enjoying now!

She might be scheming, but the other was no fool . Yun Shishi gave a meek smile and replied, “It isn’t difficult to find a good man . Yazhe’s friends are all exceptional in their rights . ”

“That’s great!” Her aunt got excited . “Niece, if you can help matchmake one to my daughter, that’ll be perfect!”

“The crux of the matter is…” The young woman paused hesitatingly .

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“The crux of the issue?”

The mother-daughter pair looked at her nervously, waiting for her to continue .

She shot the truth at them without mercy . “The crux is that the men may not be interested in you even if you are keen . ”

This really put her cousin in a spot as Yun Qingmiao’s face turned white with the insult . She bit her lower lip in shameful anger, balling up her hands into fists .

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Her aunt retorted with embarrassment, somewhat . “Niece, how can you be so rude?”

The lady host cocked an eyebrow and continued matter-of-factly . “These men don’t go for just any women . First, the woman must have good looks and a good figure—best if she’s voluptuous . Second, they want someone who’s cultured and has a high education . Besides that, she must have a decent background, good taste, and, of course, common interests . In the absence of any of those qualities, why will any exceptional man desire your daughter?”

The older woman had no words for rebuttal and stood there fuming in embarrassment . Just as she moved to say something, her niece cut in . “It’s not wistful thinking to want a fine husband, but any woman ought to ask herself first if she’s equally good . If one sets her sight too high, wanting a man who’s good-looking and rich, then he will naturally have many choices as well . Why will he want someone like my cousin? This is no fairy tale . Even Cinderella got to marry the prince because she’s pretty, kind, and gentle! Time is much better spent improving one’s self than to dream of getting rich and famous!” Before she got ready to leave, she gave a dainty smile again . “Cousin, don’t envy others . Happiness doesn’t drop from the sky; you have to fight for it . ”

After saying that, she turned and slowly walked toward the kitchen with the cutleries .

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Visibly disturbed, her older cousin tried to maintain her composure as best as she could while her chest undulated with barely suppressed anger . After a moment’s silence, she muttered harshly, “Crazy woman! Just because she has a rich husband she’s trying to stop others from dreaming the same!”

“There are people in this world who can’t stand it if others get ahead of them—our cousin is such a person!” Her sister poured oil to fire .