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Published at 6th of January 2021 11:35:39 PM

Chapter 2216

The little ones served up the spread of dishes onto the dining table .


The meal proceeded amid joyful laughter .

While Yun Shishi poured full cups of alcohol for her father and her uncle, her aunt ate her meal in silence . Yun Qinli, being the more tactful one, would occasionally join in on the conversation and say some pleasing words, which soon let her join in this harmonious mood .

Halfway through the meal, Gong Jie deliberately pitted himself against Mu Yazhe by challenging the other into a round of drinking . The two men, who were sitting opposite of each other, polished off one whole bottle of white wine themselves .

Of course, it was the former who started the whole thing . He first poured himself half a cup and, while lifting a brow in the latter’s direction, raised his hand and proposed a toast to him .

He was clearly out to provoke the other, which was evident by that challenging look in his eyes!

There was no reason for the latter to refuse his toast, though .

Being his senior, how could he be cowed by his brother-in-law’s toast?

The two men, therefore, gulped down one glass after another and soon polished off two catties of white wine, rendering the rest of the people dumbfounded .

What was even more jaw-dropping was that neither showed any sign of intoxication even after drinking two catties of alcohol . Were it the Yun brothers who drank such a copious amount, they would long get so intoxicated that they could not differentiate directions and would have been lying dead drunk on the table by then!

The two young men, however, despite having drunk two whole catties of white wine, seemed to be only getting started .

What a joke .

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Gong Jie’s alcohol tolerance, which had been trained over the years, was certainly not just for show .

He could still recall that time when he had gotten trapped in a warzone with a few Russian mercenaries and tried to escape from the hellish place . He would drink a little vodka to wake himself up whenever he felt sleepy during the journey .

Those Russians were especially tough . In the occasional times when they were out of vodka, they would get some medical alcohol from the ambulance crew and, after adding some water into it, would pump it straight into their stomachs .

He had, thus, developed a high alcohol capacity over the years of drinking!

Likewise, Mu Yazhe refused to concede defeat .

He had experienced all sorts of situations, be it dinner parties or receptions, from a young age and, as such, had started drinking alcohol ever since . He had been training his alcohol tolerance, starting from red wine and gradually progressing to white wine, vodka, and other strong liquors .

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Thus, the two men had, more or less, the same level of alcohol tolerance, and both refused to raise the white flag .

Youyou could not help but let his jaw drop as he watched this from the side .  These two blokes aren’t slowly sipping their alcohols but chugging them one after another .

W-What terrifying alcohol tolerance they have!

Could this white wine perhaps have been diluted with water?

With this question in mind, he curiously picked up his father’s wine glass while the latter was distracted and stuck out his tongue to taste the transparent liquid . The moment his tongue touched it, however, he could not help choking on the stinging taste . He hissed in shock, his face instantly flushing red!

“Ha ha ha!”

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Tickled pink by his grandson, Yun Yecheng deliberately teased the boy . “Youyou, is the alcohol nice to drink?”

His brother also broke into laughter, saying, “Fancy the little one trying to mimic the adults by drinking wine! He has bright prospects ahead of him!”

It suddenly started snowing hard outside .

The ground, the trees, and the rooftop were soon covered with a thin layer of snow, which thickened by a lot in no time .

There were passersby walking on this snow-filled road at this moment .