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Published at 1st of January 2021 12:10:06 AM

Chapter 2206: 2206
Chapter 2206: Hand over the red packets!

Yun Qingmiao’s eyes almost turned red from envy!

Yun Shishi had just walked over when the pair of sisters walked out enviously . “Cousin, you have such a huge closet! Are all the beautiful outfits inside yours?!”

“Yes—” Just as she nodded her head, Yun Qinli interrupted, her voice dripping with jealousy . “I am so envious! With these many clothes, you can probably wear them all for an entire year even if you wear a different outfit every day, right?!”

“That is probably a bit exaggerated . ”

The older of the siblings snorted before complimenting . “Cousin has the money . Even if she buys an outfit daily, she can wear different styles every day!”

The corners of her lips twitched . This relative’s praise made her feel awkward, instead .

Many of the clothes were actually given by her sponsors .

She had previously signed a contract with Louis Vuitton, so when Louis Vuitton released new styles, she would be sent a few outfits . There was a clause on her contract which said that she needed to wear their brand whenever she attended an important event .

In other words…

While many girls were eager to wear Louis Vuitton’s outfits every day, she was compelled to appear in their outfits even though she did not like wearing them often .

She felt aggrieved but could not voice it out for fear that these two would say sour words like how she was living in plenty without appreciating it .

As she was closing the door to her closet, she saw the duo dashing upstairs while holding hands .

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The house’s exquisite renovation had been completed . Although she did not head upstairs frequently, its renovation was done as well . There was even a rooftop garden that she had been managing regularly .

Very soon, she could hear the astonished gasps of the siblings while still standing on a lower level .

“These flowers are so beautiful!”

“That’s why it’s great to live in a villa! It must’ve cost a fortune to buy such a spacious house, right?!”

“It’s definitely at least tens of millions! For a place like the capital where every inch of land is as precious as gold, villas are unreasonably expensive! That’s why it is important to marry a good man . If our cousin did not marry such a rich guy, do you think she’d be able to stay in such a luxurious villa?!”

“Exactly! Though we want to live in such a villa, we will probably be unable to earn enough money for it in our entire lives!”

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Downstairs, Yun Shishi nursed an oncoming headache by rubbing her temples . Why did she feel so uncomfortable hearing all their compliments?

Her twin sons were clearly not in high spirits, either . Seeing their unhappy expression, she felt tremendously guilty .

Hearing noises, Mu Yazhe walked out of the study . The moment he stepped out, he was stunned when he came face to face with Xiang Yu, who had been ‘touring’ their villa .


“Xiao Mu!”

The middle-aged lady was the first to speak . “You look energetic with what you are wearing today!”

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He gave a lukewarm smile, his attitude cold . He ignored her and turned around to leave .

Given a cold shoulder despite her warm greeting, the woman instantly felt awkward .

The two lads exchanged glances and evil smirks . With tactic understanding, they stood in front of their relative and cupped their hands in greeting . “Grandaunt, Happy New Year; may you be prosperous! Hand over the red packets, please!”

They were asking her for red packets!

Her face sank instantly as she laughed awkwardly .

If an adult were to say this, they would seem a little petty, but children’s words carried no harm . Instead, the two kids seemed amusing and adorable!

Since a child was asking for a red packet, she naturally had to be generous with it!

Moreover, Youyou and Little Yichen’s mouths were sweet with their greetings .