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Chapter 2205

The woman’s simple retort fully expressed the greediness in her heart!

Yun Yehou was so antagonized by his good-for-nothing wife that he almost blurted out there and then, “Get outta here and return to the village, you shameless woman! Don’t leech on others when you aren’t capable of taking care of yourself over here!”

His brother quickly stopped him, not wanting to kick up a fuss within the family on an auspicious day .

Left with no other option, Yun Yecheng pulled his daughter aside and put forward an awkward request . “Shishi, I have something unreasonable to ask of you; can you invite your aunt and her two daughters over to your place for lunch on this day? Your relatives seem adamant to have a meal with you . I know she’s up to no good, but I don’t want to put your uncle in a tight spot . I hope that lunch will be sufficient to stop their grumbling and gossiping! I’ll send them away once we finish lunch!”

His daughter agreed readily; after all, families were meant to gather on New Year’e Eve for a meal . Her father’s request was not harsh .

Unfortunately, the festive mood was somewhat muted by the arrival of this materialistic trio .

Logically, the guest would bring a gift or two, such as a carton of milk, a tin of biscuits, or even a small toy for the kids, when paying a visit . It was customary, even for close relatives, for one to express their goodwill for the owner in this way .

She was not expecting them to come with a present, though a small gesture like that would easily reflect a person’s heart .

Alas, not only did her aunt come empty-handed, she even did not bother to remove her shoes before she started exploring the interior excitedly!

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“Wow, niece; what a grand villa you have here! I can see your unit the moment we enter through the gate . Is this estate only for the rich?”

The trio, who had taken a cab to Xiangti Walk, did not bother to pay the fare and just dashed straight to the house . It was Yun Yecheng who quickly went to pay the driver upon receiving their call .

Xiang Yu was immediately taken aback by the row of elegant villas as they entered the more luxurious section of the estate!

Even though they were aware that Mu Yazhe was exceptionally rich and powerful, their eyes were set ablaze with greed again when they saw the opulent district .

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Her two daughters were slightly better than their mother, where they expressed basic courtesy by removing their shoes before entering the house and exchanging pleasantries with their cousin . They, too, were instantly attracted by the lavish interior when they stepped into the place .

“Cousin, can we tour your house, please?” Yun Qinli could not hide the excitement in her voice .

Before Yun Shishi could agree, Yun Qingmiao grabbed her sister’s hand to explore every room eagerly .

The siblings grew up in the countryside and were used to houses built of mud and bricks . When they came to the capital, they had only stayed in a rented apartment of dozens of square meters . They had only come across luxurious villas on TV!

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Hence, being inside one of such simply took their breath away!

Luckily, the protagonist had the good sense to lock the master bedroom and her kids’ bedroom before her relatives’ arrival .

When the younger of the sisters realized that the bedroom doors could not be opened, she was quickly attracted by the cloakroom . Pulling her sibling along, she opened the door to see extravagant furnishing on either side . It was hand-built with fine oak; they could see beautiful attires glittering at them, while rows of polished stilettos beckoned . The woman almost turned green with envy!