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Chapter 2191: 2191
Chapter 2191: It is his child .

“Why… Why must he treat me this way?!” She howled in anguish and hid under her blanket, crying nonstop .

Jiang Qimeng felt sorry to see her daughter in such a helpless and despondent state yet was also furious to see her being so stubborn!

“Isn’t it a blessing that you’re conceiving Mu Yancheng’s child?! He’s a better choice compared to that cousin of mine now! If he’s competent enough to become the next family head, you’ll be the matriarch of the Mus! Even though things didn’t go according to what you planned, it’s just as well! It’s better that you’re conceiving his child than my cousin’s!”

Her son kept his silence at the side .

Her daughter, too, did not respond to her . The lass was seemingly silently weeping as the outline of her body could be seen trembling under the blanket .

She walked over to her and comforted, “Don’t dwell on the sad things and look on the brighter side! Marrying the right husband is very important for a girl! It’s as good as being given a second life! As long as you pick the right person, you’ll get to live a comfortable yet blissful life! Besides, Yancheng is quite an outstanding child, and he has a much gentler disposition than Yazhe . If you work hard to please him, he’ll surely dote on you and treat you as the apple of his eye! That, however, won’t happen with that cousin of mine! Haven’t you straightened out your thoughts at all? Are you still pining for him even now? He’s not having it good now that he’s no longer the Mus’ family head . You’ll only stand to suffer should you insist on being together with him! I know that you got it bad for him, but love isn’t enough to feed you! While I admit that he’s an excellent man with outstanding looks, he’s a far cry from his brother now that he’s down and out! A good bird chooses a tree for itself to perch on; women should have keen foresight and know how to treat themselves better! They should choose their husbands by seeing who the best choice is! Mu Yancheng isn’t a bad choice!”

Only after much coaxing did her daughter finally cease crying and did her mood slightly improve .

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This child was her daughter’s only hope now!

With the child, the Songs might be able to stage a comeback and relive their glorious past through their connections with the Mu family!

Even Song Yunxi said, “Enya, just give up on Uncle Mu! Seeing how he set you up, he obviously doesn’t like you at all! Worse still, he even made use of your chastity to threaten our father and our family’s interest . Why would you be so hung up on such a vicious man?!”

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“I can’t take it lying down!” Song Enya gritted her teeth . “I’m filled with indignation! How am I any way inferior to that b*tch?”

She had actually thought things through last night, but after waking up, she was once again shrouded with dark thoughts!

As she recalled what had happened, she felt that she had been seriously done in by the man she loved!

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Yes, she might have schemed and resorted to using dirty means to be with him, but that was all done in the name of love . She had never once harbored the thought of harming him!

Even when her body was in such a frail condition, she chose to suffer and go through with the IVF-ET procedure over the less painful artificial insemination because the latter had a much lower rate of success . It had not been easy for her to conceive this child!

In the end?

She got ruthlessly played by the man she loved . This feeling of anguish was akin to having a knife slashing at her heart time and again!

Her immense love for him had evolved into monstrous hatred!