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Chapter 2192: 2192

Her present self was full of hatred for Mu Yazhe, down to the marrow of her bones . Her love for him was so persistent and crazy, but what did she get in return? She was made into a clown by him!

She recalled the fear and worries she had when she started the in-vitro treatment, and it stirred up her repressed agony . She could not let the matter rest .

How did I end up in such a pathetic state?

“You are exceptional and outstanding; it’s his loss for not choosing you! Don’t harp on this anymore, daughter!” gently consoled her mother again .


Song Enya listened to her words with gritted teeth and felt a little better after that .

Brother Mu, just you wait and see! One day, I’ll repay all the humiliation you’ve brought upon me!

When Song Zhengguo returned home from a dinner appointment that night, he looked terribly upset .

His wife had just settled their daughter not long before she noticed his sullen mood . Feeling vexed, she questioned, “What’s wrong with you? You don’t look good!”

“Did you go to the hospital today?” Ignoring her question, he shot his own, instead .

She nodded . “We did the test twice and both results point to Mu Yancheng!”

The middle-aged man looked worried rather than happy when he heard that . “I found out today that, apparently, the Mus did not know about this yet!”

“Of course! Our daughter did a clean job in ensuring that nobody would find out . It’s not surprising that they don’t know about this . ”

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“That’s not the problem here . ”

“Oh? Then, what is the issue?”

Her husband glanced at her obliquely and spouted an unexpected piece of news to her . “Mu Linfeng is going to arrange a matchmaking session for Mu Yancheng! Are you aware of this?”

The middle-aged woman was dumbfounded . “Matchmaking?!”

“Yes! I was told that they already have a lady in mind . The old man wants to matchmake the chap with the third missy from the Lins!”

“Lin Xueya?!”

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“That’s right!”

Jiang Qimeng’s face started sinking as well, and she exclaimed worriedly, “The Lins… are a formidable family, aren’t they?! Lin Xueya not only comes from an excellent family but also highly educated . Even though she’s the third child in the family, she is doted upon by the Lins . It’s no wonder Mu Linfeng is considering this girl for matchmaking, but… what about our daughter now?!”

“I’m also deliberating over this problem!” retorted the man with furrowed brows .

His wife suggested, “How about we speak to Yancheng about this?”

“There’s no hurry! That missy is terribly arrogant; she may be keen on Mu Yazhe but not necessarily on Mu Yancheng! We mustn’t cheapen ourselves by appearing too eager!”

“So… are you saying that we should adopt a wait-and-see approach?”

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“Yes!” Her husband nodded, then asked after his daughter with concern . “How’s Enya now? Is her mood more settled now?”

“She is feeling a little better now, but somehow, she’s still unable to let the matter rest . It’ll take some time for her to come to terms with all this . ” Suddenly, she recalled something and asked with trepidation, “What about that matter; did you agree to Yazhe’s demand last night?!”

“You mean the fee that he blackmailed me with so that he wouldn’t spill the beans?”


His face sank, and after a long, heavy sigh, he shook his head in resignation . “I guess I’ll have to give up that land parcel if he wants that! I can’t think of any way out other than this . He can consider himself lucky this time!”

“Are you sure that… this is the best way out? That land is priceless!”

Her husband snorted indignantly . “Tell me, then: What else can we do?!”