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Published at 22nd of December 2020 11:35:14 PM

Chapter 2179: 2179
Chapter 2179: You are not allowed to mention that scoundrel’s name again .

Yun Shishi found it rather amusing . She did not expect that all that back and forth would let him obtain some benefits . This man was truly mean at times!

When he wanted to spoil someone, he would really spoil them to no end, but when he decided to be ruthless in ensnaring someone, she was afraid that they would fall so deep there would not be any temper left in them!

On the other side of things, Song Yunxi kept his head lowered as he tactfully kept quiet in the passenger seat .

In the back seat, Jiang Qimeng was hugging Song Enya dotingly, appeasing her by soothing her back, while at the side, Song Zhengguo’s face was ashen from anger . He stared forward fixedly with a malevolent gaze, his imposing manner hinted of an approaching storm . The short tranquility in the car felt more like the calm before a storm .

The middle-aged woman carefully examined her husband’s face from the side . In reality, she wanted to find out what the two had talked about, but his face had been ugly from beginning until now, so she could not find the courage to ask him about it .

However, she could no longer take it after keeping silent for so long . After much consideration, she asked cautiously, “Earlier… what did you talk with Yazhe about—”

“You’re not allowed to mention that scoundrel’s name from now on!” He interrupted her with a thunderous roar of anger .

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She was taken aback by his terrifying tone . Widening her eyes at him, she could not fathom where his fury was coming from . Nonetheless, she tactfully kept quiet, afraid of asking him further upon seeing how angry he was .

Her not asking did not mean that he would not say anything, though!

He was full of anger, but he could not find a place to vent it out . Naturally, her question gave him a chance to unleash his fury . He turned around abruptly with a flushed face, glaring at her fixedly as he roared furiously, “That good cousin of yours sure had the audacity! I tried to reason with him in every way possible, hoping that he would help keep Enya’s matter a secret for the sake of our families’ long-standing relationship, but guess what he said?”

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She shook her head blankly and asked in bafflement, “What did he say?”

The mention of Mu Yazhe brought back some vitality to the nonplussed Song Enya as some focus returned to her empty eyes . Song Yunxi’s ears also tuned in on their conversation out of curiosity .

“He said he’s willing to help keep the secret but only in exchange for some hush money!”

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Immediately after her husband finished speaking, Jiang Qimeng shook her head in disbelief . “That’s impossible! He… isn’t that kind of person!”

“Ha! You’ve underestimated him! Now that he is no longer the Mu family’s head and has left behind a huge responsibility, how is he any different from rubbish? But thanks to your disappointing daughter, we’ve let him improvise! What did he say? He said that I must give him ten million, or he’ll make use of all the media accounts under him to publish this matter! Ha! He sure knows how to play a good game! I have to give him the money no matter what, yet he actually said ten million! Don’t you think that chap went over the top with his greediness?!”

With that, Song Zhengguo questioned her lividly, “Where do you want me to find ten million for him?! Ten million! This rascal is adamant on forcing me to the end of my wits!”