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Chapter 2178: 2178

“Heh! I knew you’d reject me! Forget it; the deal is off!”

Mu Yazhe suddenly continued . “Although I’m no longer the Mu family’s head, I still possess Huanyu’s shares . It’s no problem for me to produce a string of posts overnight . The mayor’s unmarried daughter, disobeying ethics, got herself pregnant . Do you think this headline is explosive enough?”

Those few words were enough to make Song Zhengguo shudder in fright .

The young chap let out an evil smile and got up .

He held him back immediately . “You can’t do that! Can you really bear to destroy Enya like that?”

“Why can’t I?” retorted the other unaffectedly .

His eyes twitched harshly as he took in the young man’s insolent and contemptuous expression . Just as he was about to explode in anger, he turned and glanced at his disappointing daughter, who was seated in the car beside them . Only then did he manage to rein in his unhappiness as he patiently questioned, “When do you want the money?”

“Tomorrow . ”

“It’s too rushed . I might be unable to get it on time!”

Mu Yazhe smiled icily . “There’s a limit to my patience . I’ll give you three days . Either give me ten million or put the rights to that land under my name . ”

With that, he slapped the older man’s hand away expressionlessly and swiftly detached himself from the car .

Song Zhengguo gritted his teeth in anger . He felt as if he had been cut open by the chap until he was bleeding . In just a few minutes, a piece of land which was worth hundreds of millions landed in that rascal’s palm . How could he not be furious?!

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On their way home, Yun Shishi inquired to her husband why Song Zhengguo had asked a private conversation with him . Mu Yazhe relayed their entire talk to her .

The woman was then so shocked her mouth hung agape .

“Isn’t this blackmail?!” she spat, completely flabbergasted .

The man shoved a false argument down her throat . “That land was obtained based on my capability . It had nothing to do with blackmail!”

She stuck out her tongue .  Like hell that wasn’t blackmail!

However, Mu Yazhe was indeed capable to have aimed at Song Zhengguo’s weak spot . If Song Enya’s pregnancy were to get out, it would have a huge impact on the older man’s prospects in the political arena .

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On one hand, it was a project worth hundreds of million; on the other hand, it was his career over a decade in line . The older man naturally knew how to weigh the pros and cons, so he decided to make this compromise .

Although this was just a small compromise, this deal was a huge loss to him!

In the end, it did not matter if he gave the young chap ten million or that piece of land as it was all about resolving a desperate situation then .

Right now, the Shengyu Financial Group’s funding was tight . Without any capital to invest, many projects had to be stopped . Their financial loss was incremental by the second .

Perhaps Mu Yazhe still did not hold this deficit with much regard, but if it continued to be at a standstill, their financial loss would only get bigger .

This was why he did not stop Song Enya when she underwent the IVF procedure overseas . It was so he could have a trick up his sleeve when he needed it .

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The corners of Yun Shishi’s lips twitched .

This man was a lot more two-faced than she imagined .

Long before, he had actually already readied some countermeasures for any future predicaments .

She could only say that his ambition was unimaginable!

Song Zhengguo was probably suffering from pent-up frustration on his way back right now .

While he hated how disappointing Song Enya was, he also resented how greedy Mu Yazhe was . He was probably about to suffer from a heart attack, was he not?!