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Published at 22nd of December 2020 02:40:16 AM

Chapter 2176

The politician probably already had firsthand news about his resignation as the Mu family’s head, but what he could not find out was…

Even if he had left the Mus, it was only temporary!

Song Zhengguo froze for a moment . However, since Mu Yazhe had shed any pretense of cordiality first, he decided to forgo the small talk and cut to the chase . “What happened to my daughter was all thanks to you! I’m a reasonable person, though . She only has herself to blame for landing in such a situation! On the account of you being cousins with my wife, I shall let this matter drop!”

In other words, he was saying that, since this young chap and his daughter each bore half the responsibility of this matter and seeing that the former was now down-and-out after leaving the Mus, he would take no actions against him for old time’s sake!

How pompously said!

The young man did not fall for it, though .

He sneered . “Don’t think that I’ve become a pathetic creature that can be trampled on by anyone just because I’m no longer the family head . Having led the company for this long, the influence I got is far more than that bit of power from the Mus . The reason I could easily give up everything after coming this far is that I don’t give a d*mn about those things! Putting it bluntly, I don’t need you to deliberately show mercy on me . Here’s a piece of advice: Don’t label yourself as someone so high and mighty . I’m not the one responsible for the way your daughter turned out! To be completely frank, your daughter is causing me a lot of trouble . I used to find her friendly and obedient when she’s much younger, but now, I’m only disgusted by her!”

His words gave the older man a wake-up call .


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Even though Mu Yazhe was no longer the family head, he was no pitiful creature that would allow itself to be trampled on!

After all, he had made plenty of enemies while he was in that position . Without absolute confidence, he would never abdicate his position and allow himself to be trapped in a passive situation!

This could only mean that he still had a few trump cards in his hands which he had not yet played!

At the thought of this, Song Zhengguo finally reined his arrogant attitude a little .

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He nodded smilingly . “Alright! It’s my fault for being too harsh and critical!”

Looking all arrogant, the young man only snorted in response .

Seeing that, the politician could not help but be glad that he had two nostrils to breathe from, or else he would be so angered by this chap that he would suffer asphyxia!

As he gritted his teeth in anger and tried to exercise forbearance, he put forth a request . “Yazhe, there’s something that you must promise me; no matter what trouble Enya has caused to you, I’ll be sure to keep a close eye on her from now on and forbid her from doing any more foolish acts, but one shouldn’t wash their dirty linen in public . I hope that you’ll keep her premarital pregnancy through IVF procedure a secret until I come up with a plan . ”

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He had long foreseen that the older man would make this request .

Song Zhengguo was a person who loved his clean reputation . Furthermore, what his daughter had done was indubitably a disgrace to the family . Should Old Master Song be alerted of this matter, he would surely chase his granddaughter out of the family in a fit of rage!

The elderly one was a rigid and stern individual with a righteous character . While he no longer had the energy to bother with the tricks his descendants were up to, he would not sit idly by and watch any of them tarnish their family name!