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Chapter 2177: 2177

Although Song Zhengguo did give Song Enya a harsh scolding, deep down, he still worried about his daughter’s reputation .

Perhaps he was thinking more about his own!

“You want me to keep this a secret?”

He nodded his head guiltily .

“Sure, but I’ve got one condition!”


Despite hearing that, a happy expression graced the older man’s face .

It was naturally a good thing that this young chap was willing to raise a condition . He had been afraid that the latter would be resolute and not leave any room for discussion .

Raising a condition meant that there was a chance for negotiation .

“Alright! Say it . What is your condition?”

“It is a must to give hush money when asking someone to keep a secret, isn’t it? How about ten million?”

Mu Yazhe could always think of the most extreme way to degrade someone .

Song Zhengguo was degraded in an instant to the point that his eyes almost popped!

Ten million?!

Where am I going to find so much money?!

Although he was in a high position and had trusted businesses around him, he was not allowed to have any property under his name . There were family members who would take resources from him to invest as well . He really did not know where he could get ten million on such short notice!

Although he was not as uncorrupted as people had praised him for, he was not rotten to the point where he could fork out that much money either .

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“So much?!” He sighed, distressed .

“Can’t give me?”

Mu Yazhe merely smiled, clearly knowing that the older man would be unable to give him that amount . “There’s no harm! If you can’t hand over ten million, you can give me something else . ”

“What do you mean?”

“I heard that the piece of land at Xin Cheng will be put up for bidding by you soon!”

Song Zhengguo was taken aback the moment the young chap said those words .

Where did he hear about this highly confidential information?!

Amid his shock, he could hear him requesting greedily, “You should have the power to decide on who will get the rights over that land before the bidding . I want it!”

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“Not possible!” He turned him down instantly .

That parcel of land in Xin Cheng was going to be used to build the country’s five-star holiday resort . Once this resort was completed, it would be a project with significant profits . Indeed, he did have the power to decide who would own this land . Although no funds had been put in that project currently, it would be worth several hundred million once the bidding began!

That would not be worth just ten million!

Directly asking him for that land? Mu Yazhe was undoubtedly trying to cut off a piece of his meat!

He gritted his teeth and scrutinized the man before him as if he were the devil . He then rejected him resolutely . “I can’t let you have that land . Give me a month to gather ten million for you . ”

“One month? I can’t wait that long . Either give me ten million now or forsake that land to me! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being merciless . ”


The man smiled deeply . “Did you think that I wouldn’t know if you didn’t say it? I still have my hands on some things which you may be interested in, but if you are willing to forsake that land, I can give you some face . ”

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Some things he may be interested in?!

Song Zhengguo stood frozen to the spot .

They could not be proof of those… unspeakable deeds of his, could they?!

The moment he thought about that, he began to feel restless!

This lad…

Why was he so scheming?!

He had actually managed to get hold of proof of his wrongdoings, and he was holding onto them so tightly too! Was this not the biggest bargaining chip he had?!

He was extremely two-faced .