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Published at 6th of December 2020 01:20:17 AM

Chapter 2127

Alas, one day, he returned home to find his beloved kitten nailed to the window sill, with a long and thick wire pierced through its throat . A young member of his family had pulled a cruel prank on him .

He was absolutely heart-broken but stubbornly refused to shed a tear .

A jealous child within the household was frustrated with him and, having nowhere to vent the anger on, resorted to torturing his pet to death, instead .

He did not cry and merely went to bury the kitten quietly .

He might have sworn to become the strongest of the strong henceforth . No one would dare to bully him in this way again .

As the man came around from his rumination, he subconsciously clenched her protectively and tightly with his hands .

She was roused by his suffocating action . When she looked up to see his perturb face, she inquired uneasily, “What happened?”

“Nothing much . ”

She was stunned momentarily before commenting with a weak frown, “You are always acting in this manner . ”


“You won’t tell me what’s on your mind . ”

His expression froze before his lips spread into a smile as he explained, “Your present look reminded me of a pet I used to have when I was young . ”

“A pet?” She was startled to hear that . “Have you kept a pet before?”

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“Yes . ”

“It’s unbelievable… I thought you’ve got no patience for small animals…”

He was tickled . “Do I look so unapproachable?”

“Yes, or at least there’s this perception about you,” replied the woman with certainty . She then smiled and pressed on, “What pet did you have? Was it a dog?”

“It was a snake . ”

Her mouth formed into a big ‘O’ instantly . “…”

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A snake?!

Come to think of it; it’s hardly surprising .

Snakes were reptiles . The cold-blooded animal aptly fit the first impression he gave to anyone .

He immediately quipped, “I’m pulling your leg . ” He then went on to elaborate after she rolled her eyes at him . “I prefer cats to dogs . They are quiet, docile, and affectionate . More importantly, they will sit in a corner as a quiet companion when I’m in a bad mood instead of disturbing me . ”

He had kept a puppy in the past, and though he loved it very much, it was too energetic for him . Back in his youthful days, he was very much preoccupied with himself and did not have the bandwidth to manage the dog’s enthusiasm . As a result, he very much preferred the feline .

“Have you kept a kitten before?”

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“Yes . It was a present from my mother . I can still remember that kitty’s adorable, round face . ” After a pause, he added, “I like it very much . ”

“How about now? Where’s the kitten?” His sharing piqued her interest . She did not recall seeing him with any pet .

“It’s dead . ”

“Dead?!” She frowned, then asked with a heavy heart . “Did it fall sick?”

“You may not know about a complex family like the Mus, but competition is ripe even among the kids . They are probably influenced by their parents . ” His eyes dipped for a moment before he continued speaking . “The kitten was likely tortured to death by one of the children . ”

As the son of the first born, he had many enemies . His counterparts took him as a threat and he could not find a confidante among his peers .

“Poor thing!”