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Published at 6th of December 2020 01:20:20 AM

Chapter 2126

Her beauty was breathtaking and unbearably seductive . Even the eyelashes, distinctively long and curly, were calling out to him . He was electrified the moment he set eyes on her .

The allure between them was unmistakable! They were a match made in heaven, complementing each other’s yin-yang energies impeccably . One was handsome and full of vitality, while the other was a fluidly, charming enchantress .

Her soft reply scratched his heart like a lazy kitten’s paw play .

He broke into a smile unknowingly and planted a kiss on her lips . Riding on their current happy mood, he rewarded her with a rare, sweet compliment . “Do you know that you are very attractive right now?”

She was flabbergasted . Her man was normally aloof and impassive, but he could still stir hearts when he wanted to .

In any case, she relished his accidental sweet talk!

The two of them indulged in each other’s intoxicating presence . The sweet sensation which welled up in them was stupefying but not overpowering . The more they experienced, the more they craved .

Looking at her bashful, little face, he grabbed her petite hands and refused to let go . Their ten fingers interlaced with each other lovingly as their bodies yearned for each other .

He was especially passionate that night . Now that he no longer needed to bother with tiresome business decisions and fussy affairs, he could give her his undivided attention . He poured his whole self into pleasing her .

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Naturally, he was in no hurry to end this beautiful mood . Unlike his usually aggressive stance, he was full of gentleness tonight…

Their romantic copulation only ended at midnight .

After their activities ceased, she fell asleep in his arms . He covered her with the quilt and dipped his head to take another look at her .

There was a look of contentment on her petite face . Her feet lay across his torso territorially as she curled up on his chest lazily, not wanting to move anymore .

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How he wished time would stand still like this forever! After their extended session of lovemaking, every finger of hers spread out in relaxation .

He was reminded of a pet kitten he had kept when he was young . The present expression on her face was exactly how the kitten had looked then .

His mother gave him an American Shorthair for his birthday once . It was especially affectionate toward him . Every time he took his seat, the kitten would walk over to his side with haughty and graceful steps, rubbed its body against his calf, and then leaped onto his lap .

When he was in the mood, he would give it a gentle tummy rub which the pet welcomed very much . It would flip its belly up and let him stroke it to his heart’s content; its two front paws stretched lazily over its head as it purred with pleasure and dug its head further into his embrace intimately .

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He loved the kitten a lot, then, and pampered it like a princess . After all, it was a gift from his mother .

The pet held a special place in his heart, and it was a comforting presence in his lonesome youth .

He preferred the aloof yet affectionate feline as a pet . The woman lying quietly in his arms now was similar to that one .