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Published at 4th of December 2020 11:30:09 PM

Chapter 2125: 2125

His face broke into a wide beam instantly . Somehow, her smile would dispel his slightest fatigue or unhappiness .

The lady learned to cooperate with his demands as well . She let him do whatever he wanted with her; in fact, she started to take a proactive stance . With her arms wrapped around his shoulders and hooked on the back of his nape, she brought her mouth to his thin lips and started to trace their contour . Soon, their tongues and breath were inseparable .

He was deeply pleased with her boldness .

Under his constant training and practice, her kissing skills had improved . At the very least, she would not freeze up in fear whenever she hugged or kissed him now .

There was a time when he was unhappy whenever he was reminded of her poor performance . The idea that she had shown more enthusiasm in her kissing scene compared to kissing him was deplorable .

Now, he knew that she was merely shy around him!

His woman was the kind who turned timid with the man she loved, so much so that she did not know where to place her hands when they got intimate .

Her kissing was different from the past . Like a cute puppy, she would lick the tip of his tongue before exploring his oral cavity and then withdrew to bite his lips . Her action was gently and careful, as if enjoying the sweet taste of a welcoming pudding .

He was very much aroused by her kiss as his body temperature surged and pressed on to undress her .

She had her shower earlier than him and was already in her bathrobe . Her toes were fully exposed with the heater running in the background .

His amorous action startled her, and she tried to stop him with a blush . “Hey… Is it fine not to lock the door?”

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The man reassured her with a smile . “No worries . What’s the concern here?”

“The kiddos may catch us in action if we don’t lock the door . It’s not nice to be caught in the act, right?”

“Who said so? They can take this opportunity as an observational study . ”

“Hello!” She did not know whether she should be upset or laugh at his reply . “I didn’t know that you could be so cheeky!”

“They would know what’s happening here when you didn’t appear in their room . They wouldn’t dare to come over…”

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As he talked, his husky voice became sexier and more urgent . His hunky frame slowly bore down on her torso, with his face touching the tip of her nose . The burning passion in his eyes could not be concealed any longer!

She let out a few soft moans while he undressed her and, surprisingly, was fully relenting as she reached out to remove his bathrobe, too . She released the knot on his tie and the robe slipped off his shoulders and down to his waist .

Clinging to the robe’s placket, she started to kiss him gently from his collarbone until she could bury her small face in his sturdy chest .

That was the spot where she could hear his heart beating strongly and clearly .

For some reason, even though that was not his sensitive spot, her seductive kiss made him go weak in the knees . There was an urge that rose so vigorously and fast that he almost wanted to pin her to the bed and lay her there and then . However, reluctant to interrupt her rare display of intimate passion, he decided to hold back his desire and let her continue with her fun, instead .

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The pleasure brought by naked contact between their skin was so soothing . He let out a moan as he closed his eyes and hugged her by the shoulders .


“Yes?” She stopped her action and lifted her head to look at him with a stupefied, charming expression on her face . The arousal had colored her cheeks a sexy red by then .