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Published at 30th of November 2020 12:10:20 AM

Chapter 2108

The boy merely scoffed in response, his lips curving into a contemptuous smirk . “This old man here, even though you’ve gotten on in age, there’s something that I must remind you: I have no time to play house with you, either, so let’s just cut the crap and go straight to the point—”

“Youyou…” Yun Shishi called out his name in trepidation .

What’s wrong… with him?!

Why is he here and how did he know that I’m here?

Not only that; the commanding presence he has now makes him seem like a different person altogether .

The woman fell into a momentary daze as she pondered on these questions . Even now, she was slow to snap back to her senses .

To think that he has the guts to call for a showdown with Mu Linfeng .

How gutsy he is!

She knew well enough that the lad was trying to protect her, but this was clearly not the place for him to do so!

Naturally, she had to stop him from doing so since the kid did not know what he was doing, lest he get himself into trouble . She, thus, softly called his name .

Even if he wants to protect me, this isn’t the way to do it . He’ll get himself into trouble sooner or later .

Upon hearing his name, Youyou turned to look at his mother before walking over to her side and gently putting a hand on her shoulder . His facial expression instantly turned into one of gentleness .

“What is it, mommy?”

His voice sounded so gentle that it was practically oozing with water .

As he stood in front of his mother, he seemed to have returned to his usual gentle yet docile self . He appeared to be as obedient as a little puppy that was wagging its tail at her .

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“What nonsense are you spouting?” She was torn between tears and laughter but still could not resist asking . “How did you get here?”

“Agent Li brought me here . ”

“Agent Li?”

The woman appeared confused, not quite understanding what was going on .

“Yes . ”

Li Hanlin walked forward and gave her a slight bow before asking with a smile, “Hello . I’m the person your son is referring to . Do you remember me?”

“Aren’t you my son’s principal?!” She could not help but feel incredulous about the current situation . “What’s going on here?”

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“It’s a long story . Director Yun will explain everything to you later . ” He assuaged her .

She was only more confused than ever . With her mind being in a state of disarray, she only felt that this world was just too bizarre and chaotic .

What’s going on?

“Don’t worry, mommy . I won’t cause trouble with them for your sake . Still, there’s a limit to my patience . ” As her son spoke, he slowly turned to face the elderly man, his eyes turning icy in an instant . “Going by seniority, I should be addressing you as ‘second granduncle’; is that right—”

He was soon interrupted before he could finish speaking .

“Hmph! A kid as disrespectful as you have no right to address me as such!” Mu Linfeng was apparently so deeply antagonized by the boy that his speaking tone had gotten curt and unkind .

“Mu Linfeng . ”

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The boy called the elderly man by his name .

The latter widened his eyes in shock, but before he could react, he heard the boy nonchalantly spouting a threat . “You’d better pray hard that my daddy can sit firmly in his position as the family head . If you guys still insist on forcing him to abdicate his position, the day that he gives up his title and power will also be this family’s doomsday!”

He had long since found this family to be an eyesore . If not for the years of blood, sweat, and tears his father had poured into the company, he would have long made a move and brought its downfall .

These good-for-nothing Mu wastrels were just like frogs in the well . They seemed to share the thinking that their family stood atop the capital and that no one could bring them down .

Interesting .

He did not mind using actions to expand their horizons!

The elderly man, however, sincerely surmised that this child dared to say such arrogant words because he did not know any better . He thought that it was nothing more than mere words that were said out of his mother’s defense!