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Published at 28th of November 2020 12:20:21 AM

Chapter 2102

The middle-aged man was taken aback by her declaration; it did not make sense to him .

The woman looked up suddenly . With eyes full of resolution, she stood up and stepped forward unswervingly until she was about three meters away from the elder .

She halted and spoke up with an icy look . “Mr . Mu, I shall be direct with you; I may not be willing to marry into a family like the Mus even if you ask me to!”

Her back stood proud and erect, with her chin held high . Like a lotus extending its graceful self from a muddy pond, she did not cut across as arrogant as her stance made it clear that she would tolerate no humiliation and shaming!

“Your very first words have told me that you think of me as a beggar, begging for a chance to gain fame and fortune by being with your nephew . This is such a joke, Uncle Mu! If I’m as conniving and ambitious as what you all made me out to be, then let me tell you this: None of you here can stop me if I really want to marry into this family!”

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She paused and gazed at their stunned faces before continuing nonchalantly . “Sorry, but I look down on your family’s reputation and inheritance!”

“What sour grapes!” Mu Shumin retorted sarcastically . She was boiling with rage at the young lady’s scorn .

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“Don’t you think you’re too extreme in your words, old woman?” Yun Shishi turned and confronted the middle-aged woman directly before she addressed the rest of them acerbically . “Those who are narrow-minded will always have their prejudice . This is to say that the shallow people will never see the good in anyone or anything because of their mean streaks . I choose to be with Yazhe because I love him; that’s all . It’s him who I want and nothing else! If all of you insist on belittling me, then there’s nothing much I can do . After all, one can’t teach a pig to sing . All of you have expressed your disgust for entertainers, but let me tell you this: Your caliber may not be any better than theirs! At the very least, they are making a living through their hard work and capabilities! Even those who gain benefits by selling their bodies, they do so with the other party’s consent . Both are willing parties in the transaction where each gets their rewards in their ways . No matter what, those artists earn their fame through their sacrifices . What can we say about the whole of you here in comparison? Providence has been kind to give you a decent background, but this does not justify your sense of superiority . What gives you the right to put others down in this way? From what I can see, the only advantage you have over us is your luck . Other than your karma that allows you to reincarnate into a reputable family, what else can you boost? In another word, you guys are the real losers here . What capabilities do you people actually possess? All of you are nothing more than parasites! Ask yourself: What else have you really contributed to your family’s name?!”

Her long speech shocked everyone!

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What did she mean by them being lucky? How dared she describe them as parasites!

Listen to her! No decent woman would make such outrageous and outlandish remarks! This is absurd!

Mu Linfeng hit the roof . “Don’t you feel ashamed with what you’ve just said?”

“What’s there to be ashamed of? Isn’t this the truth? I respect anyone who climbs to the top with his or her ability . On the other hand, I loathe those who put others down just because they’re born to a rich family!”