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Published at 28th of November 2020 12:20:17 AM

Chapter 2103

At this point, the anger Mu Shumin had accumulated prompted an outburst . “Hmph! What can you expect from a woman like her?! How does she know shame when she’s one who exchanges money with her body?”

Yun Shishi narrowed her eyes at the middle-aged woman, who was glaring down at her, and mocked said in return, “Please don’t use my surrogacy as moral coercion on me . I didn’t steal, rob, or break up a family with my actions . I merely used my body to receive a remuneration! I don’t find that shameless! The shameless ones are those who smear other’s reputation with their power, such as you people!”

With her hands clenched into tight fists, she was shaking with anger and disgust as she defended herself . The mention of her surrogacy still hurt her inside . Each time someone brought up this incident, it was like tearing the scab and sprinkling salt on a wounded spot in her heart . The wound had turned purulent by then, but she did not care anymore . She would tear apart this gaping wound and let the pus flow so that it could be healed once and for all!

“You!” Enraged, the older woman jumped to her feet and pointed a finger at her . “This is ridiculous! You’re absurd and incorrigible!”

“You should speak for yourself!” rebutted the younger one fiercely .

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Mu Linfeng slapped his palm on the tabletop out of the blue and ordered, “Everyone, shut up!”

The hall fell into dead silence instantly; nobody spoke a word .

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The elder turned his head and cast a contemplative glance at the woman before carefully enunciating, “Yun Shishi, I ask you here not to listen to your nonsensical opinion! Nobody can deny that our fates are predestined, but a family’s long-standing reputation can’t be explained away with fate alone! You’re right to say that there are parasites and useless bums in this family, but you should remember one thing: The Mus’ glorious history, which has spun for more than a hundred years, proves that there are still capable people in this family! If not, its reputation wouldn’t have stood proud and tall for so long! This isn’t something you can brush off easily—”

“Look; I’m not the one who’s being judgmental here . ” The young lady cut him off . In contrast with the elder’s rage, the young lady maintained her cool as she displayed no ripple of fear or anger on her expressionless face . “Have you all forgotten that you were the ones criticizing others because of your prejudice? Are you telling me that you guys can take liberty with your comments but not the rest? Each of you sitting here has taken yourself to be above me . Are you expecting me to bear your unjust criticisms in silence without complaint? You guys are just riding on your seniority to put me down, aren’t you? We are talking reasons here, not ranks! The ones being unreasonable are you people!”

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The female elder could bear it no longer and lambasted, “You are quite the talker for a lass!”

Goodness knows why she has so much to argue today!

All the Mus present, be they elders, seniors, or juniors, were boiling at her open criticism directed at them .