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Published at 26th of November 2020 10:30:20 PM

Chapter 2100

Mu Linfeng was quiet for a while before he slowly opened his mouth . “We did a thorough background check of you . Your mother, Mu Qingcheng, was an adopted daughter brought into our family by Old Master Mu . She was a songstress in the capital when she was young, whereas your biological father was from the Gongs . We can accept your connection to that family, but don’t you dare take their name to justify your marriage into our family! Besides, you’re an illegitimate child who has never been acknowledged by your father . You aren’t fit to marry into our household! Your dubious background will only turn us into a laughingstock; we can’t afford to be ridiculed! You’ll bring disgrace to our family and smear our age-old reputation!”

The young lady merely replied with a snort, “There’s something I should correct here . I have nothing to do with the Gong family . ”

The middle-aged man cocked his brow in astonishment . He was expecting this woman to cling onto her birthright as a Gong to fight for a place among the rich and famous!

In the end, not only did she deny that, she was in fact eager to dismiss any misconceived connection with that powerful family .

He was befuddled by this lady’s action all of a sudden!

The other party did not know what was on his mind at all, however, as she gave a cold retort . “Anyway, what dubious background are you talking about? What’s wrong with my status?”

“You had children when you were eighteen . ” Mu Shumin took over the dialogue after sniggering . “Everyone will look down on this family if we get a peasant for a daughter-in-law—all the more so when you gave birth to two children out of wedlock! A girl has to preserve her reputation and body, yet you chose to become a surrogate mother at the age of eighteen for the sake of money! Even though this was done for our family’s benefits, what would others say about us? Besides, the surrogacy was in exchange of money; you would’ve done the same regardless of who the person was! It was pure coincidence that you got the Mus as your employers, so don’t think you could use this as an excuse to marry into this household!”

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This was something that the middle-aged woman had felt sore all along .

What if the one to seek surrogacy was not them but the Gus or some other families, instead? This girl would have agreed to the assignment with no qualms .

No matter the circumstances, they would not welcome such a materialistic woman!

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Something else, other than this, was her biggest concern, though .

“More importantly, you are using this so-called surrogacy to marry into our family! You have this planned out, haven’t you? You’re leveraging your Mu offspring, stowing the boy away from our sight until he’s old enough to claim his inheritance . You are only using him to pave the way to a life of riches and fame for yourself! Let me tell you: Your plot to marry into this house will not work! We’ll accept the two boys you gave birth to but not you!”

The elders made clear their stand to her there and then .

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They would accept her two children . That was to say, as long as he was willing, Yun Tianyou could become part of this family anytime . They would let him take after their family name and carry their lifeline .

However, this could not be said for her . There was no way she could enter their family no matter how hard she tried .

Mu Linfeng had this prejudice against her all this time . To him, the only reason she wanted to be with his nephew was for his status as the heir to the Mu empire . Thus, if she were to marry into their Mu household, not only would she become the young mistress of the family, she would be the matriarch in this resounding clan .