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Published at 26th of November 2020 10:30:23 PM

Chapter 2099

The title itself was enough for him to stake his life and fight to the very end!

His second uncle had given him a forewarning, though . The former’s consent did not mean that the latter could become the family head right away .

Mu Linfeng, after all, still thought highly of Mu Yazhe, who was the most capable among the rest . This was why he had called Yun Shishi over; he wanted to put his foot down and exert pressure on her .

If his dearest nephew knew repentance and would, for the sake of their kinship and the family head position, forsake this woman, he did not mind giving him another chance!

It was hard and, in fact, rare to find such an outstanding talent like him in the family, after all .

Also, he would have to bear certain risks should he force the young one to abdicate his position . Now that he was getting on in age, he no longer had the stamina or guts to take such a huge risk, so he wanted to work something out for the last time by requesting to meet the woman . It could be considered a showdown between both parties .

At the thought of this, Mu Linfeng sipped a mouthful of tea before getting straight to the point .

“I hope you can leave my nephew’s side . ”

Yun Shishi was not surprised by his forthcoming attitude .

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She had imagined all sorts of scenarios, including this one, of what would happen while she was on the road here .

Nevertheless, she merely narrowed her eyes and did not rush to speak . Calmly and patiently, she waited to see just what this wily, old fox had in mind!

The elderly man was somewhat astonished to see such composure coming from her . Doubt flashed across his eyes for a moment before he parted his lips . “Ms . Yun, we can agree to any of your requests as long as they’re reasonable! While you probably know what a one-in-million outstanding person Yazhe is for coming this far and succeeding the position of the family head, you have perhaps no idea how much effort or what price he had to pay to do so! I don’t wish to see my precious nephew sacrificing his bright future for you! First and foremost, you should know that, no matter what may happen in the future, our family will never acknowledge you! There won’t be a chance for you to become Young Madam Mu, so you can forget about dreaming of the day that our family’s doors will open for you! I’ll be frank with you: I don’t think you’re worthy of my nephew at all . ”

“Unworthy?” She chuckled, finding this opinion of his to be interesting . “How am I unworthy of him?”

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Her words drew the mocking laughter of her audience at once .

Mu Shumin, in particular, snapped back at her unkindly, “How about I return you this question? How are you worthy of my nephew at all? Even though our family no longer holds the old tradition of deciding the marriage of our descendants, their partners must at least be someone of a well-matched background . Ask yourself this: Is your background worthy of him?”

The woman was not provoked by her demeaning words, though . She merely laughed it off and did not comment further .

All she could think of was how prejudiced and arrogant Mu Linfeng was . To her, these people from the Mus all looked at others in the same, prejudiced light .

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Still, she feared nothing, for she had decided to bear the weight of such prejudice ever since she chose Mu Yazhe to be her husband . As such, she remained indifferent to these shrilling insults and humiliations .

There was no other reason for her nonchalance other than that no logical person would take other people’s prejudice seriously .

All she needed was her husband’s acknowledgment, and it was truly enough for her .