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Published at 22nd of November 2020 11:10:07 PM

Chapter 2089: 2089
Chapter 2089: Imitating Their Parents

“Yes! Look at how much your hubby dotes on you! The way he looks at you is enough to melt any girl’s heart!”

“My life would be perfect if I could have such a husband!”

The actress smiled and stuck out her tongue cheekily . “Actually, he is a very boring guy and comes across to most people as too aloof . ”

The smiles on the store clerks’ faces did not abate even though they were swearing inwardly, Oh, so you have the same opinion, too! Your hubby is way snobbish! His face resembles an iceberg except when he looks at you!

The family left the mall, with the wife hanging to her husband’s arm . Before long, the two lads clamored for some milk tea .

The night was especially chilly as cold gusts of wind bellowed in the northern sky . The evening chill was frighteningly freezing as if ice blocks were riding along with the wind .

Normally, the two kiddos would not think of drinking milk tea, but the thought of a cup of warm and steaming beverage in hand was welcoming in this freezing weather .

As they waited for their milk teas, the cold was too much to bear even for an adult, and the woman tried to keep her hands warm by constantly rubbing them against each other and blowing on her palms .

Her husband saw what she was doing and walked over to her . He then clasped his large palms gently over her small ones .

She did not expect his hands to feel this hot and told him, “Your hands are warm . ” His hands were so broad that they covered her small palms entirely . She could feel the heat transmitting from them to hers .

The man hooked his lips into a smile and clasped her hands even tighter . His hands were inside his pants’ pockets most of the time, so they naturally would feel warm and cozy once taken out .

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He dipped his head and lightly blew spurts of air across her palms . Thereafter, he gently rubbed his across hers with a serious look on his face . He appeared as if he were attending to an important affair like this .

Her gaze fell dumbly on his handsome profile . For a long time, her eyes lingered on him without blinking .

While he busied himself with trying to transfer heat into her hands, he could sense her attention on him . Looking up to meet her eyes, he asked quizzically, “What’s wrong?” He saw the stunned expression on her face .

“N-Nothing much…” She collected herself and smiled . “I’m looking at you . ”

He pecked his lips against her icy-cold fingertips and asked, “Are your hands still cold?” His gentleness was almost too good to be true .

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His wife was so flattered by his loving attention that a fiery blush crept up her face . Feeling shy, she looked down and muttered softly, “No… My hands aren’t that cold now…”

He brought her hands to his chest and wondered aloud, “Why is your face so red, then?”

That got the woman feeling flustered and embarrassed . “Oh! It’s nothing much… I-I guess it’s due to the cold…”

As she mumbled an excuse, she avoided her husband’s eyes, only to see her two boys at the side showing derision on their faces .

The two brats were imitating their parents! Youyou was pretending to be his father as he held his older brother’s hands tightly . Looking lovingly at his brother the way his father did, he asked, “Are your hands cold?”

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Little Yichen imitated his mother’s utterly shy and nervous look as he fluttered his eyelashes, dipped his head, and mumbled, “No… not really…” He seemed to have inherited his mother’s flair for acting with his expressions looking just right!

His younger sibling did not let up his act as well as he continued with his imitation by kissing his brother’s fingertips and repeating his daddy’s loving words . “Are your hands still cold?”

“No… My hands aren’t that cold now…”