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Published at 23rd of November 2020 02:20:06 AM

Chapter 2090: 2090

By then, the younger boy, who had become immersed in his roleplaying, displayed the kind of tyrannical love his father often showed as he pulled his brother’s hands into him much like what his father had just done .

Their mother was struck speechless as she watched them acting out her coy scene with her husband .

What are these two brats doing?! Are they out to tease me by imitating our intimate action?!

Her older boy managed to bring out the full expression of her coquettish mannerism, where she flaunted her smile while discreetly displaying subtle desire . To which, Youyou responded with an aloof and detached demeanor as he read his line . “Are you feeling shy, baby?”

“Oh… oh… What are you doing? Why do you address me as ‘baby’ in front of strangers? It’s too embarrassing!” cried the older twin, his ruddy cheeks puffing petulantly .

Their mother was shamed beyond words .

Their father, meanwhile, threw them a sidelong glare followed by a loud, frigid snort . Clearly affronted, he sent them a clear hint .

Little Yichen quickly withdrew his hands from his brother’s grasp and pointed a finger at the latter . “I got nothing to do with this . This was his idea . ”

The other boy was flustered!

What an unreliable chap!

His brother was playing along with him just fine when the older sibling conveniently turned against him just because of one dirty look from their father .

The three were not in a hurry to drink their milk teas after their orders were ready . With each one holding a cup in their hands, they warmed their palms with the beverage container first .

What about Mu Yazhe?

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He followed behind with their bags of purchases in hand while the trio chatted and tittered to their hearts’ content .

His youngest son turned his head over his shoulder, saw him with his load, and giggled gloatingly . “Look at daddy; he’s our hardworking henchman!”

The big boss in question, who had been described as a ‘henchman’, glared obliquely at his son . He gave a loud, haughty snort in retaliation at the boy, who was trying to stifle a snigger with his hands .

His wife and older son also turned their heads over to throw him a sympathetic look; in comparison to his younger brother, the older boy gave a more humane response to his father’s efforts . “Daddy, you’re doing well! Thank you for your hard day’s work!”

This rascal is riding over me now!

Despite his disdain at their teasing, the man felt his heart warming for the first time .

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He had not thought much of the New Year in the past .

New Year was a celebration foreign to him—one that hardly conjured an image of bliss .

Most of the time, the approaching new year meant that loan applications at the banks would be delayed while the activities around him picked up pace .

It also meant seeing an increase in the number of employees applying for leave to keep up with the festive spirits on the streets .

All these, though, had nothing to do with him .

He would go to work as usual during this period . In fact, he often worked overtime in his office on the New Year’s Eve, poring through boring annual reports and thick stacks of proposals while listening to the ticking sound of the wall clock as it moved, bit by bit, toward midnight .

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He could feel none of that family bliss which a new year holiday was supposed to bring . In reality, there was no difference between New Year’s Day and any other normal day .

Right now, however, for the first time in his life, he had a taste of what it meant to spend a heartwarming New Year with his family .

Little Yichen walked over to him and helped him with two bags . The chap was strong, so it was no sweat for him to carry these two parcels .

Yun Yecheng and his brother got themselves four sets of silk quilts, which could keep them warm at night .

The old man reckoned that it was time to change their sheets to these quilts as the weather had turned cold; thus, when he saw them on sale, he took the opportunity to get four . The grandsons would have one while his daughter and son-in-law would have another . The remaining two would be for him and his brother .

The family turned toward the car park after they were done with their shopping .