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Published at 15th of November 2020 11:45:10 PM

Chapter 2067

The second prize was an extremely exquisite toy . The boss tearfully looked at Yun Shishi with gritted teeth as she received it .

Gong Jie shifted his gaze onto another booth .

There was an inflatable pool filled to the brim with water there, and several goldfish were swimming in it .

Just as he eyed the fishing game, the boss stepped forward and made a weeping face at her . “This beautiful lady, please be merciful! I’m just earning a small profit here . The market is horrible right now, so it isn’t easy running a business! I’m still counting on these four booths to take care of my family! You guys have won many prizes; it should be enough, right? Please don’t play anymore!”


If they continued playing, the pool of fishes would be all caught by them!

It was five yuan for one net . As long as the net did not break, they could continue fishing .

With this man’s exceptional gaming talent, he would fish until this owner lost every penny!

The woman suddenly felt sympathetic toward the boss, but the man refused to be grateful .

“Boss, since you are doing business, you must keep to the rules of the game . We didn’t cheat, nor did we cause trouble . We won fair and square based on our skills . Why aren’t we allowed to play?”

The boss could not refute him . With an aggrieved face, he said, “You’re too good at games! Look; you spent five yuan on shooting hoops, and you won my plush worth a hundred yuan . You spent ten yuan on the shooting game, and you won my 300-yuan panda plush . You tossed rings twice for 20 yuan, and you won a toy which cost me a hundred plus yuan! I’ve already made a huge loss here!”

He refused to listen as he held out his hand . “Give me the net . ”

The boss continued to dissuade him . “I bought these goldfish today . It’s one yuan for one . If you catch them all, how will I be able to continue running a business?”

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Yun Shishi was a little unhappy . “Why aren’t we allowed to play when others can? You should follow the rules when you are running a business . ”

“Ah, beautiful lady and handsome man, I’m begging you; please stop playing! I will just refund your fees from earlier, okay?”

He was close to begging them on bended knees .

Alas, Gong Jie was stubborn . “Let me play, or I will tear down your lousy booth . ”

The boss was shocked .

His sister was rendered speechless .

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Xiao Jie, you are too tyrannical, tearing down the booth just because you aren’t allowed to play!

Still, his words sounded rather childish, and she was torn between laughter or tears . At the same time, she found it a bit adorable coming from him .

The surrounding crowd began to point at them as they discussed spiritedly .

The boss immediately began to seek help from the passersby . “Everyone, please listen; this handsome man isn’t being reasonable and wants to tear down my stall! I’m an honest businessman and don’t earn much from such a small booth, yet he still wants to put me in such a tight spot—”

“Boss, you’re the one in the wrong! I’ve been watching since earlier, and this handsome man didn’t cheat or acted shamelessly . He followed the rules of the game . He won those prizes based on his ability . Aren’t you the one disobeying the rules by refusing to let him play?”

A male student protested .

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Immediately, someone accused, “You just want to earn money from those who are bad at games, after all! If they are good, you won’t let them play, too . Earning without any losses—you sure know how to do business!”

“That’s right! There isn’t anyone doing business the same way as you are! It isn’t as if the handsome man doesn’t pay for playing your games . You should just follow the rules!”

“Such peddlers nowadays are the most unreasonable . They won’t say anything if they are earning, but once they begin to lose money, all act shamelessly . I’m going to complain to the city management . ”

The boss was rendered speechless the moment he heard that they would complain to the city management .

If the city management were to come, it would no longer be a simple matter like tearing down his booth .