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Chapter 2068: 2068
Chapter 2068: Superficial World

Yun Shishi was silent .

This world was indeed a superficial place .

If it was just an ordinary person being bullied by the boss in such a manner, not that many people would stand up for that individual .

She had lost her faith in this superficial world .

In the end, Gong Jie got the net from the boss as he wished . The man sat on the small stool and began to fish .




The boss could feel his heart bleeding as he watched at the side . He secretly prayed for the man’s net to break .

Unfortunately, the latter’s technique was exceptionally special . He fished almost eighteen fishes without the net breaking once .

The more the boss watched, the more alarmed he became .

Alas, the guy fished to the point that his hand began to feel cramp, yet the fishing net remained intact .

What in the world?! thought the stall owner gloomily to himself . He was sure he had handed a bad fishing net to the young chap earlier . Was he God?

He had heard of Jiang Ziya fishing with a straight fishing hook, yet this lad could also fish a pond of fishes with a broken net?

Truly, the longer a person lived, the more one saw .

In the end, Gong Jie grew bored of it and finally threw the fishing net into the pond . He then carried the bucket of fishes to the sealing machine .

Yun Shishi counted . There were twenty fish in total .

So many!

They did not have such a big fish tank at home .

They were all still newly hatched fish . When they grew up…

She was afraid to imagine what it would look like with twenty huge goldfish squeezed together…

It had to be frightening .

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She even had goosebumps .

“Don’t like them?”

The woman nodded her head . “I don’t really like goldfish . ”

“Oh . ”

The man looked at the goldfish in fret .

Hearing this, the boss’s eyes glinted . Just when he thought that the man would return the fish to the pond, he saw him walking over, instead . The handsome man passed the bag of fish to a little girl who had been watching him for a long while .

“These are for you . ”

“For… For me?! Really?” The girl’s eyes sparkled as she asked in disbelief .

“Yep . My sis doesn’t like them . ”

With that, he held his sister’s hand and casually helped her carry the two plushies before leaving .

Seeing that the bigshot was finally leaving, the boss celebrated while feeling brokenhearted over his losses .

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This lad came along one time, and an entire day’s business was all for nothing .

On the road, Yun Shishi was still pondering over it .

“It’s so strange . ”

Gong Jie lowered his head . With his brows furrowed, he asked, “Hm?”

She finally raised her doubt . “Xiao Jie, weren’t you a bit too good at that game? Normally, such fishing nets would break from just fishing one . The best player I’ve seen had their net broken after three to four fishes . ”

That was what was strange to her, huh .

His lips curled into a smile as he replied casually, “That net wouldn’t break . ”

“Why are you so certain?”

Seeing how resolute he looked, she was more puzzled .

“It’s because that’s the boss’s fishing net,” he responded .

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The boss purposely handed him a net with a fine tear, and he noticed it at first glance, so he secretly switched the net from the boss’s waist while the other was not looking with the broken net . The boss’s net was used to keep the fishes when closing the booth . The other did not notice it even to the end .

Playing such cheap tricks on him? He would not mind being shadier than that fellow .

The woman’s mouth went agape in shock . “The boss’s fishing net? He was that kind?”

“Perhaps he gave me the wrong one . ”

He would certainly not tell her that he switched the nets secretly . It was too disgraceful and would ruin her image of him .

“Still, aren’t you a bit too good? Especially with that balloon-shooting game, did you undergo specialized training for it before?”

“That’s my first time playing it . ”

“You have such exceptional gaming talent!”

The woman was rendered speechless .