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Chapter 2029: 2029
Chapter 2029: Her Pathological Obsession

The man curled his lips into a sudden smile . As he quietly turned his head to look at her and gently caress her face, he said, “Yes, I’m yours . ”

The lady broke into a sweet smile finally . She greeted his lips with hers gently before it turned passionate . By the time she finished with her ardent embrace, she lay close to his lips and muttered under her breath, “What should I do? I really want to be with you forever . ”

She was so persistent and possessive over him that it was almost pathological .

She loved him deep into her marrow, but regardless of how she tried to work it around, she knew that they would never be an official item .

She came from a distinguished family in the capital . Her family had long decided that her future husband would be from an even more powerful family, and this meant that her future partner would never be someone with a poor background like Hua Jin .

Someone from showbiz was highly despised by the blue bloods .

The young man had, in fact, already been thoroughly investigated by her family .

As such, Lin Xueya’s father had repeatedly lost his temper at her, wanting her to cut her ties off with the man .

This lady vehemently refused . She cried, putting up so much drama just to resist her family’s will, and even went to the extent of putting forward nonsensical conditions, such as ‘I can get engaged to anyone you want me to but don’t tear us apart!’

Her father was at his wits’ end when it came to his daughter’s obsession, and the pair remained at odds even to this day because of the issue .

Unfortunately, the young man was drawn out by this long-standing affair .

He did not love her . The interest he showed in her was only for show .

He was an actor and a man trained to be streetwise since he was a kid . Meeting her was his fortune and misfortune .

She did save him from his former entrapment, only to put him under her control, instead .

To survive, he had to lie in her face, speaking words that he knew she would want to hear . To him, it was all an act and nothing more .

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He constantly thought of running away from her, but would that be possible?

He did not have the answer to that .

At the hospital entrance .

Ji Yuqi looked apologetically at the actress as she let out a heavy sigh . “Shishi, I’m sorry but I must ask you to return home first . Hua Jin… may have to stay a few more days in Sea City now that Miss Xueya is here . Remember to keep a distance from him from now on, okay?”

As her heart churned in turmoil, the artist merely looked at the agent solemnly .

The woman felt down not because the young man had chased her away heartlessly but because she was feeling the pain inside him .

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The pain was especially strong when she witnessed him forcing smiles and telling lies to his keeper just to keep her safe .

Why? Why did he have to put himself down in that manner?

Is he under her control?

Why couldn’t he leave her?

She was upset with him for not trying hard enough to be free .

She remembered him telling her once: ‘There’s nothing to fear about death if there’s no fear in living . ’

She did respond: ‘If you’re unafraid of hell, then there’ll be nothing to lose by doing your best to live . ’

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In the end, the young chap replied, ‘There’s a kind of life worse than death . ’

The actress did not understand him, then . He told her as well that he envied her . She was blessed by the heavens because she could live freely . ‘For others, though, being alive is nothing more than dragging through each day lifelessly . There are things you won’t understand because everyone’s fate is different,’ was what he told her . After a pause, he added further with a bitter smile, ‘It’s a luxury for me to be able to look in the eyes of the one I love . ’

The actress’s mind remained a mess as she mulled over his words .

“Please take good care of him . ” She told his agent in the end .

“Yes, I will . ”

Ji Yuqi hailed a cab for her and sent her all the way to the airport .

Qin Zhou rushed to the airport after he received the agent’s call . By then, the woman had already gotten them tickets .

“Why are we leaving in such a hurry?”

The agent merely answered, “Miss Xueya is here . ”