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Published at 3rd of November 2020 11:30:13 PM

Chapter 2030

The man immediately understood the situation with these few simple words .

“Let’s go back . ”

There were many things that needed his attention back home . If it had not been for the actress insisting on staying back to look after Hua Jin, he would have flown back long ago .

Aboard the airplane, Yun Shishi popped a question out of the blue, “Who is Xiaoya?”

“She’s called Lin Xueya . ”

“Do you know her?”

“Oh, please; everyone knows her . ” He turned to look at her . “Why? Did you cross paths with her?”

“Yes . ” The actress answered before her expression dipped frostily . “She’s a detestable woman . ”

Qin Zhou could not help chuckling . “Don’t do anything silly on impulse . ”

“Why do you say that?”

Her agent replied matter-of-factly, “Don’t take the Lins for the Songs . They are way beyond the other’s reach—even the lowest of the low in the former stands above the highest of the high in the latter . The old man from the Lins is just like the one from the Songs; both were pioneers of this country . However, the influences both families wield are vastly different now . Song Enya’s father is only a mayor, whereas Lin Xueya’s father holds a key position in the army . If this were the Qing dynasty, he would be the imperial guards’ captain . There’s no way the other family can compare to this one . Let’s put it this way: The central government will have to seek consensus from the Lins for any decisions made regarding important military issues . ”

Still, the man added just as fast . “Don’t mind her, though . With your man’s power and status, the Lins will still have to bow to you . ”

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“The capital has four renowned households: the Mus, the Gus, the Lins, and the Songs . Those four have ties that run deep and complex . I’ve told you before to stay away from Hua Jin because I don’t want you to clash headlong with the Lin family . ”

“I got it . ”

The woman gave an impassive reply before leaning against her seat with eyes closed .

It was already three in the afternoon by the time they touched down at the capital’s airport . After Qin Zhou sent the actress home, he quickly took his leave for the office .

Just before he left, he informed her once more . “I’ve already applied leave on your behalf . Take these few days off to have a good rest . Your show is about to wrap-up as well, so you needn’t worry over that, too . ”

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“Alright . ”

“Also… remember to have a good talk with your husband . ”

She turned quiet suddenly .

Once she stepped into the house, she was greeted immediately by her two sons . They had been waiting longingly for her . After their mother made a call to Youyou before her flight to prepare them for her return, the boy was so excited that he pulled his elder twin along to shop at the supermarket . He wanted to cook a big meal to reward their mother for her win with the freshest and best ingredients he could find .

Wow… Youyou may be a boy, but he looks set to take the place of a respectable wife any time .

As Little Yichen helped his younger brother with his marketing, he was contemplating inwardly .  I’m gonna model my future wife after my brother . She must be as virtuous as him!

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She will be gentle, honorable, smart, and on top of that, wonderful with all the house chores!

If his future wife were to be as intelligent as his younger twin, he would not need to fret over his children’s homework, too .

As his hardworking brother was busy with vegetable selection, the older one was standing at the side, daydreaming, instead .

If the former were to know the thoughts running in his twin’s mind, it would have sent shudders down his spine .

“Mommy, you’re finally back! I thought you didn’t want me anymore!”

The younger one threw himself into his mother’s arms as he complained grudgingly .

The woman could not help laughing . “What made you say that? How could I bear to forsake you?”

“Then, why didn’t you return earlier?” The boy asked her this quizzically . “Daddy returned home a few days earlier than you, but he didn’t look happy when he came back . Did the two of you have a tiff?”