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Published at 21st of October 2020 11:30:17 PM
Chapter 1989

The woman insisted on walking instead of being carried so that the man could only put her down, letting her lean on him as he supported her entire weight .

Unbeknown to them, a finger of the deranged woman, who was lying prone on the ground, twitched . Her eyes then flashed open to reveal an icy gleam .

Hua Jin regrettably failed to notice this, for all his attention was on his colleague .

“Slow down and be careful . ”

No sooner had he said those words when he heard urgent footsteps from behind him . He whipped his head about at once, only to realize with a start that Mu Wanrou, who had somehow clambered to her feet, was currently charging straight in his direction .

His breathing halted momentarily before he instinctively stepped forward to shield Yun Shishi .

“Hua Jin, what are you doing?!”

What is he trying to do?!

“I’ll kill you!” A thunderous, hysterical roar was heard before the actress could snap out of her daze .

It was followed by a startled scream, which she let loose herself when she spotted Mu Wanrou recklessly rushing to them from her peripheral view . By then, she was already standing behind the man . Just when she wanted to tug at the hem of his sleeve—

What occurred next happened too swiftly .

It felt as though they were at an ice-cellar, where gusts of frosty wind were biting into the depths of their bones .

A razor-sharp dagger was seen gleaming dangerously under the moonlight before it coldly pierced right into someone’s warm flesh .

It almost entirely happened in just an instant .

Squelch! That weird, horrifying sound of flesh being pierced through instantly drew a blank in her mind .

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The muscles on the idol’s face stiffened as he let out a moan of pain .

Following a squirt, metallic-smelling blood leaked from a gaping wound and flowed across the blade before finally landing on the ground .

The actress’s eyes bulged wide in horror as they reflected the young man’s look of agony and silent endurance and her nemesis’s savage and cruel look .

“I’ll kill you, Yun Shishi! I want you buried alongside my child! I want you dead!”

Mu Wanrou’s hysterical howls echoed across the rooftop repeatedly .

Clenching his teeth hard, Hua Jin looked down to find a dagger piercing him in the abdomen .

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As he did so, the madwoman’s hands tightened around the dagger, and she stabbed it further into him .

He swayed slightly before his legs gave way and he dropped to his knees, unmoving .

“H-Hua… Hua Jin!”

The sight of this scene and, in particular, the blood on the ground instantly rendered the actress’s mind blank!

Tears came streaming down her eyes as she gritted her teeth hard and swept a vengeful look over at the crazed woman .

“You should be the one dead, instead!”

She was so deep in despair and in hysteria that she proceeded to charge forward and strangle her nemesis in a bid to kill her!

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“It’s you! Mu Wanrou, it’s you who deserves death!”

Oh, how she howled and wailed!

Why is she always hurting other people?!

Why?! Why must she exact her misfortune on others at all cost?!

“I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you!”

While clamping her hands around the other’s throat, she pushed her toward the edge of this high-rise building . Just a half step more and Mu Wanrou would be tumbling down .

A gutsy, blustery evening wind blew at them and tugged on their clothes .

“You want me dead?! Ha ha ha… Let’s just perish together, then!”

Suddenly grabbing hold of her hands, Mu Wanrou shifted backward as she dragged the other toward the edge .

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