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Published at 21st of October 2020 11:30:20 PM
Chapter 1988

Any misstep would mean tumbling over the edge and plunging to her death . No one could survive a fall from a height of more than a hundred meters .

He dashed over, picked up an iron rod lying randomly on the ground nearby, and hit the attacker with the weapon in his hands with all his might .

The actress heaved a sigh of relief when she realized that it was him, her body collapsing in solace almost at once .

“Hua Jin… it’s you . ”

“Yes, it’s me! Don’t be afraid; you’re safe now . Everything’s gonna be fine!”

He comforted her the way he would comfort a frightened child who had just had a terrifying nightmare .

Honestly, he was more afraid than anyone else .

The consequence would have been unbearable! If he had arrived a second later, that madwoman might have gotten her way!

He should have suspected the call to be a foul play from the start .

Nobody would arrange to meet on the rooftop in the middle of the night!

Besides, Qin Zhou was not so stupid to meet outdoors on a cold day like this .

The woman had been foolish to take the bait .

The hacking technology was so advanced these days that it would not be difficult for a malicious folk to hack a private phone and send a message from it .

Her manager had also warned her repeatedly to stay put inside her room and to call him if she needed to look for him .

She did attempt to call him several times on his phone, except that she could not get through . She did not suspect this to be a job of a backer and merely thought that he had some important matters to discuss with her .

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Her concern for him led her to fall for this trap .

The life-threatening encounter she had earlier was too much for her . For a long time, her heart continued to thump furiously and was unable to calm down .

Hua Jin held her carefully in his embrace . His gentle countenance and loving consolation managed to soothe her uneasiness after a while .

Her racing heart quieted down with his words, and as she let down her guard, she burst into fretful tears in his arms .

Her terrified sobs caused the actor’s eyes to moisten as well .

In his impression, she was a quiet and understated girl, who was able to face any surmounting problems in life calmly .

What, then, did she experience that made her break down so badly?

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She must have been scared stiff to break into such a hysterical wail!

The man could feel her pain and comforted her by patting her back gently . She had just narrowly escaped a harrowing death!

Planting a kiss lightly on her forehead, he tried to alleviate her pain . “Sorry; it’s my fault . I was careless and made you go through terrible things…”

“Please forgive me…”

“Don’t cry anymore . My heart hurts when you cry . ”

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As he watched her collapsing in a sorrowful heap in his arms, he finally understood what a broken heart was like .

Right now, he could feel his heart aching as if it had been broken apart .

Gradually, the loud sobs turned into soft whimpers . After her body regained some strength, she urged with stifled cries, “Let’s get out of here . Quick!”


“Call the police…” She forced these words through gritted teeth . After all, she did not know if her enemy was still breathing or alive, but she dared not touch her to confirm . If this was considered the crime scene, then the next best thing to do was call the police to handle the rest .


Just as the man tried to carry her up, he accidentally rubbed against the wound on her back, which caused her to frown in pain .

Her injury must have been from those loose gravel on the rough, concrete flooring earlier .

The woman insisted on walking instead of being carried so that the man could only put her down, letting her lean on him as he supported her entire weight .

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