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Published at 18th of October 2020 12:00:13 AM
Chapter 1977

“Congrats, Shishi! You deserve this award!”

“Thank you . ”

Han Yuyan, who appeared especially imposing on her ten-centimeter stilettos, which she had specifically worn for the film festival, looked down and leaned over to the rookie actress .

The senior thespian appeared to be congratulating her junior in the eyes of others, but once she was out of the microphone range, the woman spat threatening words with a gracious smile .

“Don’t you be too smug! Flying too high might result in you falling from great heights and ending crushed!”

The newcomer lifted her eyes and met the other’s sharp gaze briefly .

This woman was, at most, a famous actress who had been nominated for various awards due to her outstanding performance, yet she spoke so harshly to her with such a warm smile on her face .

Undaunted, the rookie gazed back and retorted at the older woman while smiling equally graciously . “Ms . Han, you don’t have to be so jealous of me . Do you know what’s the first thing I will do after reaching a certain level of fame?”

“What?” Feeling puzzled, the veteran starlet arched a brow .

She beamed at her, the corners of her lips growing increasingly gentle .

“I’ll trample over you . ”


“It’s time to present the award to Mr . Hua!” The concierge beside them reminded the actress .

Only then did Han Yuyan snap out of it to present the other award to Hua Jin . The way she looked at her rival, however, became deep and meaningful .

It was then time for Yun Shishi to give her award speech .

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While holding the award in one hand, she held the mic in the other . “To be honest… I didn’t think I’d be able to receive this award . I, as a newly debuted actress, was constantly fraught with fear and trepidation, always worrying that my performance wasn’t good enough . The release of the movie, though, truly gave me many pleasant surprises . I was lucky enough to receive the support of the esteemed director, the concern of the seniors in the industry, and the acknowledgment of the fans . What I can be certain is that I wouldn’t be here on this stage at this moment without all of you . ”

Later, when she went back to her seat off-stage, her manager asked, “What did Han Yuyan say to you earlier?”

“It’s just some well-wishes from a senior . ”


Qin Zhou did not buy a word of it as he knew for sure that nothing good could come out of that woman’s mouth .

“Why bother about her?”

His charge, however, could not care less and did not take the seasoned actress’s words to heart .

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Despite the numerous mental preparation, her heart still started racing when she felt the weight of the award in her hands .

Joy and happiness filled her .

At that moment, she suddenly felt that all her efforts might have been worthwhile .

After all, receiving the award for the Best Rookie Actress was a once-in-lifetime opportunity to a beginner thespian—an honor that could not be exchanged no matter how many awards one might receive in the future .

She was very lucky and honored to receive it .

Her failure to do so would leave regret in her acting career .

She was, in fact, quite broadminded about winning an award . Although she would just laugh it off should she fail to receive it, winning one could greatly encourage her to do better .

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It was just that this glorious moment did not seem to hold such profound meaning anymore since a certain man was not present to witness it!

As the awards ceremony continued to proceed, almost all the awards had been presented to the respective winners .

Many celebrities had already left the venue, but Yun Shishi insisted on staying to the very end of the awards ceremony to show her respect for films .

Witnessing this, Qin Zhou felt increasingly certain that he was right about his judgment of his charge .

Someone who knew how to respect others was worthy of being acknowledged in aspects like their moral conduct and upbringing!

‘The Green Apple’ received quite a bumper harvest that night, sweeping in awards, such as Best Screenwriter, Best Director, Most Popular Film of the Year, Best Newcomer, and Best Film Editing .

The film failed to win the Best Production award, though . In consideration of a fair balance of the awards, the organizers decided that they could not present all the awards into just one film .

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