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Published at 18th of October 2020 12:00:16 AM
Chapter 1976

The name of the winners would not be announced until the end of the ceremony’s voting process . The total tally would be announced simultaneously, too .

The entire process would be witnessed by the notarial office to guarantee that this award was free from manipulation and tampering .

There were ten names lined up for the newcomer award .

Yun Shishi had seen the list before it was hidden, and she noted that she remained the one with the highest number of votes among the nominees . She could see how ‘The Green Apple’ was able to bring about such resounding success .

On the megsized screen, the organizers started to feature snippets of the representing movie of each nominee .

The audience immediately raptured into loud and overwhelming applause when the screen came to her part in ‘The Green Apple’ .

The actress was taken aback by the warm reception .

“Are they paid to do this?”

“I don’t think so…”

“Wow . Isn’t it too enthusiastic…” She still found this to be unbelievable .

Her agent replied with a smile, “Silly girl, don’t you know that your portrayal of ‘Yin Xiachun’ has charmed the pants off many ‘uncles’? Do you think the praises and compliments lavished on you were merely lip-service? You really put up a fantastic performance . ”

She returned a nervous smile at him .

Han Yuyan stood gracefully on the stage . With her hand holding the cue card, she announced with a smile, “The winners for the nineteenth edition of the Best Rookie Actor/Actress go to…” As the audience held their breath with anticipation, she paused before revealing the result, “Yun Shishi and Hua Jin! Congratulations!”

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The outcome was what Qin Zhou had expected .

His charge truly won this award .

Thunderous applause could be heard from below . Just as what they were hoping for, she won this honor .

The camera lens immediately panned in her direction after the names were announced .

The actress smiled in acknowledgement . Even though this was the first time she had received such an honor, she appeared calm, betraying no excessive emotions on her face .

Everyone was astounded by her reaction . They did not expect a debutant to display such calm composure in the face of glory .

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While he clapped his hands, her agent urged her to go up on stage to receive the prize, reminding gently, “Watch your facial expression; don’t be too nervous!”


She slowly got up off her seat . Hua Jin, who had won the Best Rookie Actor Award, walked up and waited for her like a true gentleman . He took her hand, perked a kiss on the back of her palm, and led her up the stage, hand in hand .

Han Yuyan looked gracious as she watched the winners approached with a smile on her face, but deep inside her, she was fuming in anger .

The young actress was regal and elegant as she stood next to the male idol; her quiet charm was especially prominent on stage .

Her kind of charisma was not something that could be cultivated through nurture . There were those who were born with such classic charms, which none could hold a candle to .

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The senior starlet might look impeccable with her exquisite makeup, but standing next to the junior, she could tell that the latter had easily overshadowed her presence .

She knew her glamor had been robbed by this newcomer, and that made her so mad . On the surface, though, she kept her poise .

As Yun Shishi took the trophy from her senior’s hands, her heart swelled with emotions .

This trophy, which weighed heavily in her hands, was her very first win in her acting career, so it was very meaningful and memorable to her .

Although the prior speculations she had heard did set some expectations on her part, a sense of pride still welled up in her when she stood on the stage with the prize in hand .

Hua Jin was beside her, blessing her with his smile .

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