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Published at 18th of October 2020 12:00:22 AM
Chapter 1974

Han Yuyan was momentarily rendered speechless by Yun Shishi’s elegant words . There was no way for her to rebut, so the former could only give the latter a spiteful look!

What a shameless woman with a sharp tongue!

How dared she go against her?

Who did she think she was?!

The newbie artist took in the malevolent yet hypocritical smile on the senior starlet’s face before laughing relentlessly . “It’s interesting that you consider my participation in a youth film to be inferior, so what about you? You’ve only gone overseas to plate some gold, yet you’ve ended up plating various grades of them! He he! You sure are impressive . ”


The veteran actress flushed with anger . No matter how thick her foundation was, it was hard to conceal the redness on her face caused by her fury .

Her debut work was indeed ‘Bamboo Dragonfly’, and because of it, she received quite the resources .

She had always looked down on youth films, though . Thus, after becoming famous, she took on literature and art films, which were of a higher artistic level . Although such films would usually receive critical acclaim but would have poor box-office sales, she still accumulated an adequate amount of public praise .

Of course, she had no lack of controversial works; one of which was ‘Butterfly’ . In it, she acted as a geisha, who had undergone special training as a female spy and got planted in an intelligence agency; the character was adrift her entire life .

As the plot was too sensitive, it was not aired locally .

There were many people online who insulted her, calling her a traitor for the film .

Nonetheless, that film let her enjoy resources from abroad, and her remarkable performance in it opened an opportunity for her to break into Hollywood .

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As she was under constant criticism back in her country, the veteran starlet conducted a large-scale charity event to erase her less-than-glorious image through philanthropic activities .

Yun Shishi particularly despised people like her .

In her heart, as long as a movie was not a slipshod work and could gain the audience’s acknowledgment and love, it had its merit .

‘The Green Apple’ was an excellent movie to her, and she would not tolerate anyone trying to demean it .

It could also be said that Han Yuyan was brought to fame by Lin Fengtian, yet she was being eccentrically contemptuous of her respected teacher’s work, making one resentful of this ungrateful actress .

Qin Zhou was shocked that Yun Shishi had the cheek to engage in a sarcastic repartee, yet he was also vexed by the veteran actress’s deliberate and petty criticism .

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“You seem to have quite a lot to say . If those lips of yours are feeling too idle, I won’t mind helping you to sew them up!”

His words were unyielding .

Han Yuyan snorted coldly upon hearing that and then turned around for fear of him saying more .

However, her hatred toward Yun Shishi had reached a pinnacle .

Before the newbie artist, Lin Fengtian had worked with many female celebs . He was different from other directors . To guarantee sales in the box office, most would offer high prices to hire listers . This way, the movie would have sufficient influence without requiring much publicity .

The director of the year was not the same in that aspect .

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The production cost he offered was based on the actors’ and actresses’ performance .

He would rather spend over ten million on the post-production of the film and the shooting expenses .

As for choosing the roles, he still mostly preferred hiring newbies .

First, newbies could be easily molded . Although they were not famous, they were like a blank piece of paper, allowing him to carve them however he liked .

Second, newbies knew how to treasure such a rare opportunity . They would be modest and courteous, and many of them were actually more remarkable than some raving starlets .

Yun Shishi was one example . Her acting skills could easily crush many starlets .

In addition, he had a unique insight when it came to choosing newbies . If not for their looks, which were especially natural, it would be that they were usually gifted in acting and often understood things without much explanation .

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