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Published at 18th of October 2020 12:00:20 AM
Chapter 1975
Chapter 1975: Best Newcomer Award

The thing was, before Yun Shishi came along, no ‘Phoenix Lady’ could match up to the veteran actress in terms of popularity .

However, when the newbie burst into the scene, shooting to fame overnight, her success was no less sensational than Han Yuyan .

Of course, this made this old-timer very unhappy . No one liked to be overshadowed .

Since the debut of this young, up-and-coming star, many had been ridiculing the actress behind her back . They said that, with her getting on in age, soon the young artist would overtake her position in showbiz . Of course, their remarks infuriated her very much .

“Don’t be bothered by her . She’s passé and only said that because she’s jealous of you,” said Qin Zhou .

“Jealous of me?”

“Isn’t it so? You can act as a high-school girl, whereas the most she can pull off in this movie is the girl’s mother . ” The agent lived up to his reputation of having a vicious tongue .

The older starlet was so mad with what he had said that she quivered in anger .

She touched her face self-consciously . Knowing the significance of youthfulness in this industry, she had ensured a strict regime on face care . Still, age was not something within her control . She had overworked herself in the last few years, too . The stress from a hectic schedule of work had led to a hormonal imbalance, resulting in her poor skin condition .

Indeed, she could only pass off as the newcomer’s mother in a chick flick like ‘The Green Apple’!

Moreover, as her acting skills could not surpass the young artist, and without any good director or a good script to help her, there was hardly any future for her henceforth .

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Qin Zhou is too much! How could he make fun of me in this way?!

If not for being scheduled to present the next award, she would leave in a huff right there and then!

On the other hand, Yun Shishi had a good laugh . “You are exaggerating, aren’t you?”

“Look at her; she may look good now, but once she removes that thick layer of makeup on her face, she’s no better than an aged witch . ”

His companion stuck out her tongue in jest .

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The actress in question was looking uptight by then, trying her best to suppress her mounting fury with gritted teeth . As the newbie had her formidable agent next to her, the older woman could do nothing more except to glare furiously at her .

Meanwhile, the awards ceremony was still underway .

The next presentation would be the category of Best Rookie Actor/Actress . This award was given to the most promising actor and actress, and both winners would receive the award on stage together .

Han Yuyan was the presenter for this category and glamorously stepped on stage when it was her turn .

The newbie’s heart skipped a beat when she learned that the one who would give the award was the actress they had just made fun of moments ago .

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“Why is she the one to give out this award?”

“This is prearranged by the organizers . It appears that you’re in for the Best Rookie Actress Award this time . ”

“Why do you say that?” asked Yun Shishi quizzically . “Don’t tell me that this award is also another setup?”

“You see, a live telecast like this event can be boring, so the organizers will need to have gimmicks to spruce up the ambience and build publicity . By having Han Yuyan as the presenter and then you as the winner, they will have the ‘Phoenix Ladies’ appearing on stage at the same time! This arrangement will surely bring controversies and comparisons, which is what the organizers are after . ”

She understood what was going on after listening to her agent’s logical and coherent explanation .

The Best Rookie Actor/Actress was the only award based entirely on online votes . The voting process was fair, just, and transparent .

The official website would start the selection process by releasing fifty names picked by the members of the media, such as the producers, filmmakers, and journalists, as well as the broadcasting professionals . Ten names would be selected from these fifty nominees to enter the competition .

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