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Published at 14th of October 2020 12:00:12 AM
Chapter 1968

His mood lightened the moment he saw her smile .

He was, in fact, deeply infatuated with the actress but kept it hidden inside him .

Showbiz was a place littered with dirt, so he was awestruck to find this down-to-earth woman in it .

She had a nurturing presence; it was therapeutic just being next to her even when they were not talking . Hence, he enjoyed her company .

However, he did not consider an unscrupulous guy like him to be worthy of such a lady, so the thought of going after her had never crossed his mind .

She was perfect in his eyes, whereas he had accumulated all sorts of filth from his climb to prominence . His past was something he could not recall without feeling ashamed .

Because of that, he kept a distance from everyone else . He would not let himself be hurt again .

Never did he expect that a day would come when there was someone whom he wanted to protect so much .

Love could be so elusive and complex .

It could come in a flash and would be irrevocable .

He gazed softly at her and was so mesmerized by her side-profile that he drawled, “You look so beautiful when you smile; it’s even lovelier than a rose . ”

The lady beamed when she heard his compliment, her eyes forming into arches like crescent moons .

Qin Zhou, who was sitting at one side, could not help getting goosebumps from his sappiness .

I ought to give it to him! This young chap sure has a way with girls!

In retrospect, this should not come as a surprise .

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When the boy was still working at a bar, he was dubbed as the best rent-boy . Thus, flattering words should come naturally to him . He was apt at making girls happy and could make even the most difficult ladies succumb without an issue .

The actress suddenly thought of something and challenged the idol, “Roses are too flashy for me . ”

“Erm… What kinda flower do you like, then?” he asked .

“Can you give me any flowers that I like?”

The man kept quiet .

The illusionist would need the right equipment to perform his magic tricks, without which, he would be unable to strut his stuff .

Of course, those experienced professionals might be able to perform any tricks at their whims, but this was unfortunately not the case for him .

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She could not read his mind and, taking him for a true magician, pressed on . “Can you change this rose into a Bengal Crimson?”

The chap was feeling too awkward to answer .

Her manager burst out laughing at this juncture . “Shishi, don’t be demanding . He’d be omnipotent if he could vanish a rose without any fanciful tricks . ”

The idol indignantly replied, “What’s so difficult with making it disappear?!”

Following which, he took the rose from her hand . It miraculously vanished from their sight in the blink of an eye .

That did not wow her sufficiently, though, and she persisted in asking for her flower from him . “Where’s my Bengal Crimson, then?”

“Shishi…” hedged the man beside her, looking forlorn and innocent .

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There was no way he could come up with that flower for her .

“Alright . I’m only teasing you; I know you won’t be able to give me that!” As she said that, she reached out her hand again . “Now, give me back my rose . ”


Hua Jin: “…”

He could not tell her that the rose had been destroyed, could he?

What a tough order!

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