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Published at 14th of October 2020 12:00:14 AM
Chapter 1967

When Mu Yazhe returned to his office at Disheng’s headquarters, Min Yu quickly passed his phone back to him .

“Boss, you left in a hurry and didn’t bring your phone along . Your wife called several times; do you want to call her back?”

The man, who had passed his phone to his assistant for safekeeping before the meeting, forgot to take it with him when he rushed to the hospital .

Yun Shishi called him many times, but his subordinate dared not pick up her call .

She was uncontactable when he returned her call, seemingly having boarded the plane by then .

“Are there any more flights to Sea City today?”

“The last flight is in the evening . ” His assistant told him but added a caution after . “But it looks like you won’t be able to make it to the film festival even if you try to rush over now . ”

The man furrowed his eyebrows .

He had wanted to take the flight to Sea City directly after his visit to the hospital .

“Book a ticket now . ”

“The only flight left is the one at 7 PM . Are you sure you want to go?”

The man retorted coldly, “Just do what I told you! Don’t give me any nonsense . ”

His assistant immediately got down to the task without delay .

The man seemed to be in a bad mood, and that meant he would have to be on his toes for now .

On board the plane .

As Hua Jin chatted with the actress, he could sense her desolation . Her replies were somber despite his great enthusiasm, and she looked rather dispirited .

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“Shishi, can I give you a present?” He coaxed her with a smile, trying his damnedest to make her smile .

When one liked somebody, they wanted to see that person smile always . At the very least, he did not want her to continue being depressed .

As he watched her looking so sad now, he began to feel dispirited, too .

He raised his hand and waved it before her .

“Look at my hand; do you see anything in it?”

“No . ”

“Don’t be patronizing . Take a careful look again . ”

With that said, he put his hand in front of her and made her inspect it .

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The woman sipped her lips, picked up his hand, and carefully checked it . “There isn’t anything in it . What’s wrong?”

The chap gave a mysterious smile as he slowly looked up; he swept a bunch of her loose hair behind her ear . Just then, he snapped his fingers . A red rose appeared out of nowhere in his hand .

The woman was stunned at first and unconsciously stroked where he had touched earlier . There was nothing unusual about it .

How did this rose appear out of the blue?

The man smiled at her astounded look . “Was it fun?”

“It’s magical . ”

She had never observed a magic show at proximity, so despite it being a simple trick, it still put a smile on her face .

Every girl loved a flower .

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“Do you like it?” asked the idol with a raised brow .

“Yes . ”

“This is for you . ” As he spoke, he presented the rose to her .

She held to the stalk of flower and touched the petals lightly . They were tender and soft—just like a real flower .

“Do you know magic?”

“I know some tricks . ”

He picked up some tricks when he was working at a bar . These were rather common at such places, though he was nowhere close to a pro . Still, these were good as arsenals when he needed to make the ladies happy .

Her glum-looking face finally broke into a smile . As she sniffed the rose lightly, the sadness in her eyes softened somewhat .

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