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Published at 3rd of October 2020 02:25:15 PM
Chapter 1937

Gong Jie was curious .

He was truly amazed . How did this sister of his have the capability to teach such a mind-boggling genius like his nephew?

Compared to the boy, Little Yichen’s brain was not even half as bright . Both came from the same womb and were inside it for eight months to boot .

When he asked about his younger nephew, Youyou retorted, “Mommy didn’t teach me anything specific . She just let me do whatever I wanted, allowing me to develop freely . ”

Obviously, the boy’s uncle did not believe him .

Developing freely could lead to that?

To be honest, he wanted to bring the boy back to the Gong family .

His father held the child in high regard and had high expectations for him . The old man often wondered what kind of kid could come up with the ‘Deva Eye’ project and push for its research . If the research was successful, the future territory of the Hurricane Group would be hard to predict .

However, he had not been honest with his old man about Youyou’s identity even to this day .

Yun Shishi smiled helplessly . “I didn’t really teach him anything . His body has always been weak since he was much younger, so I spent most of my effort on nursing him back to health . ”

“A weak body?”

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He raised a brow .

The boy’s body was indeed not up to expectations . It was frail unlike his twin’s sun-like vitality . The impression he gave people was not just old, mature, and earnest but also peculiar .

His health seemed to be bad . Whenever he engaged in rigorous activities, his heart rate would become messy and his breathing would be terribly fast .

He had never seen his nephew falling sick before, but he had seen how his face was constantly pale and frail .

“Yes . Due to premature delivery and because Little Yichen took up most of the nutrients when they were still in my womb, Youyou didn’t even cry upon birth . His face was purplish then and he nearly lost his life . When my older son was born, his cries were loud—a sign that he’s very healthy . My younger son, meanwhile, had to go through surgery just after his birth and was in an incubator, always at risk of dying, for a long time . He… almost didn’t make it . The nurses said that if it weren’t for the little guy’s strong will to live, he wouldn’t be able to survive,” said Yun Shishi in a hushed voice .

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She paused for a moment before glancing at her brother . “Isn’t it a miracle? Such a small child yet he had a strong will to live! That’s why I feel that the boy and I were fated . He’s the best gift to me from the heavens . ”

Although she sounded casual and breezy when she talked about it, when Youyou was at risk of dying, she had forced herself to stand guard by his side despite having just gone through labor .

At that time, she had been brimming with despair and worry . She prayed constantly that her child could emerge safe and sound .

Every minute and every second was a torment .

No one knew what that child’s fate would be in the next second .

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Was he going to die, or was he going to survive?

Even the doctors could not make any assertions . They could only say that the child had a strong will to survive, though his vitality was very weak . They could only try their best . However, whether he survived or not depended on his luck .

Hearing that had scared her witless . She was terribly afraid that she would be unable to keep him alive .

Still in school then, she was, in fact, not that fond of children .

Whenever she saw other people’s children being mischievous and causing a disturbance, she would think of how she would teach her offspring to be obedient and adorable if she were to ever have any .

However, when she found out that she was pregnant, her innate motherly instincts were awakened .

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