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Chapter 1936: 1936
Chapter 1936: The Making of a CEO

On the other end, Gong Jie’s lighthearted voice could be heard .

She laughed . “Busy man, are you finally on vacation?”

Her brother answered with a smile, “Yes, sis! I want to take a tour around the capital, but I can’t find a good guide . What do you think I should do?”

“Alright . I know what you’re asking . How about I bring you around? I’ll pick you up this afternoon . ”


When the actress reached home, she changed into a thick, heavy coat and hid her features behind a hat, shades, and a mask before venturing outdoors again .

The weather was balmy and sunny, which was most ideal for a day out .

While on the way to meet her brother, she decided on where to bring him . As it was not a holiday, it would be fun for a day at the wildlife zoo .

Following the GPS, she drove to the location sent by her brother . The place turned out to be Lezhi’s headquarters .

As she drove into the compound, she was astounded by the grandeur of the skyscraper before her .

What a majestic-looking building! The woman could not help gushing about it inwardly .

Lezhi Holdings was the biggest toy supplier in the world . From being a toy-manufacturer on the brink of bankruptcy two years ago, it had leaped to become the present, number one leading toy empire, which was adored by children around the world .

In the past, she would always buy attire for Youyou from this company . Its customer service was topnotch, and the price of goods was reasonable .

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Her boy was also very impressed with her gift each time; he liked the presents from the brand, too .

Still, she did not expect the company’s main office to look this impressive .

What is Gong Jie doing here?

When the man got in the car, she asked him immediately, “What are you doing here?”

“Oh, that’s because Youyou—”

The young man caught himself in time . He was about to reveal his nephew’s alter ego; fortunately, he recalled the boy’s repeated reminder not to breathe a word about it to this woman .

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“Youyou?” The woman was bewildered to hear the mention of her son’s name .

“Yes, he likes the toys designed by this company, right? My company happens to be working with it, so I reckon that I might as well come here to check it out . ” Her brother gave a vague explanation, looking indifferent as he clarified .

She nodded in agreement and added smiling, “Yes, that’s right . He loves the toys from this toy company . ”

With a smile on his face, the man thought, Please, sis; it’s only an act .

In fact, these toys were designed by his sister’s son . All the design sketches hidden inside the boy’s study room attested to his many researches and iterations for each creation before it was good enough to be launched . The boy always made sure that each product was refined to perfection before any could be released .

Thus, he had enough of playing with the toy even before it was launched on the market .

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The lad told him once, “My present from mommy was either a toy or a flagship product from Lezhi . It was so uncreative, but I had to feign excited with what she got for me each time, or else she might get the wrong impression . ”

“At least, it proved that your creations were good products for those to be patronized . ”

The boy stroked his chin in resignation . “Still, I’m bored with the toys that I designed myself . I couldn’t find new ways to play them . ”

The man broke into a smile as he recollected their conversation .

Was it right to say that his ignorant sister would never expect her precious son to be at the helm of this toy empire?

“Sis, how did you go about educating my nephew?”

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