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Published at 27th of September 2020 10:55:09 PM
Chapter 1921: 1921
Chapter 1921: Aiming for the Film Festival

Everyone burst out laughing at that . Thereafter, they took their seats and began having fun .

Actually, Mu Yazhe did not like noisy places like this, but since the gathering was arranged by Lu Jinyu, he naturally had to support his buddy by attending it . In addition, he wanted his woman to get acquainted with his band of brothers .

They were all his trusted friends, so he naturally hoped that she would be part of this circle, which the woman was fortunately willing to be part of .

She could not hold her alcohol well, however; knowing this, his buddies did not force her to drink any alcoholic beverage and just let her have some tea .

Halfway through, when Yun Shishi left the table for a bathroom visit, Jiang Shen suddenly asked, “Chief, have you received the invitation to the film festival?”

“I did . ”

“Are you attending then?”

“I’m still considering it . ”

In the past, whenever it came to the local film-fest, big or small, the organizers would send an invitation to the man just because he was Huanyu’s big boss . With his status being high and lofty, the film festival would be more glorious and resplendent should he grace the event with his presence .

Alas, the man hardly paid any attention to such events, for he had neither the interest nor the time to attend one .

It was different this time, though .

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‘The Green Apple’ was nominated for the major awards, so the main cast, producers, and director would be attending the film festival . They had big ambitions of winning the various awards of each category since the movie’s popularity was skyrocketing .

They were not only aiming for the Best Actor, Best Film, and Best Movie Adaptation awards but also the Best Rookie Actress and Best Actress awards, with these last two being the most interesting segments .

Lin Fengtian was very ambitious about these nominations, and he hoped that the rookie artist would be able to win the Best Actress award .

In fact, if acting was the sole determining factor, the best actress award would exclusively belong to her .

The film industry was a foul place with many lousy productions yearly . This time, among the productions, ‘The Green Apple’ was considered a dark horse, especially so with Yun Shishi instantly wiping the floor with many listers through her brilliant performance .

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The director had high hopes for the rookie actress, therefore .

Still, there were many technicalities involved in this award ceremony .

One’s acting skills were only one of the selection criteria for the awards . The judges also looked at an artist’s background and popularity .

An online poll was conducted a fortnight before the film festival, where the top five celebrities of each category would be nominated for this category’s award . The poll was now nearing its end with Yun Shishi taking the lead by a wide margin—therefore, making it into the nomination round .

The audience’s eyes were sharp, and her acting was indeed superb . Despite having just starred in one movie, no one could deny her fabulous flare for the dramatic .

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It was only fair if she could win the award .

Unfortunately, one’s popularity was one thing; underhanded dealings, which abounded, in the film festival was another thing . There were always judges who would tamper with the list of winners in exchange for some benefits .

Besides, for a newly debuted artist to win the title of Best Actress with just one movie, no matter how outstanding one’s acting was, this was something not many dared to wish for .

Things would be different if Mu Yazhe did something for her under the table, though .

With his status, all it took was a word from him for her to win that prestigious award .

“I watched ‘The Green Apple’ . Sis-in-law’s acting there was indeed superb and flawless, but the ones nominated for the award not just included Chen Han but also the other listers . Sis-in-law winning that award will naturally invite gossip about her . ”

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