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Published at 27th of September 2020 10:55:15 PM
Chapter 1920

“That’s why it’s important to prioritize taking care of one’s self at all times . First, nourish the body . Second, get enough sleep; I sleep early at night whenever I don’t have filming . Third, increase water intake . Of course, I’m not encouraging buying isotonic drinks here . I, myself, usually drink tea brewed from wolfberries and logans, replenishing my body from the inside out . Fourth and last, maintain a work-life balance; doing all these can maintain one’s radiant yet youthful complexion .

“Hm… There’s actually one other important point!”

“What’s that?”

“I was born a beauty!”

“Ha ha ha…”

The filming of the program went smoothly and successfully .

That very night, the show’s ratings had increased by two percent, which was considered a huge breakthrough when compared to their past ratings . That episode topped the ratings of other variety shows .

At the end of the program, the terms ‘Yun Shishi’s bare face’ and ‘Shishi, the Bare-faced Goddess’ soon topped the search rankings .

Many netizens expressed their utmost envy and jealousy after seeing her face without makeup .

As they marveled at the bare-faced beauty, countless female netizens posted comments on her Weibo page, asking for her secret to maintaining such beautiful complexion .

The more astonishing thing was that she received plenty of endorsement offers from cosmetic and beauty brands after that episode was aired .

Qin Zhou, again, had successfully clinched his charge with several cosmetic brands’ offers .

Of course, this came much later .

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Meanwhile, ‘The Green Apple’ remained firmly on the lead of the box office . Even though its growth was not as sharp as before, the movie’s ticket sales steadily and gradually increased . Although it momentarily lost its spot to the newly launched American blockbuster on New Year’s Day, it very quickly regained its place at the top in the days after .

The economic benefits the movie reaped were incalculable .

The hot, trending movie led to the sharp rise in Yun Shishi’s net worth . Even though showbiz was an ever-changing industry, where artists would soon be phased out if there was no fresh news about them, her explosive shot to fame was a rare phenomenon .

On this night where ‘The Green Apple’ was just several millions shy of breaking the box-office record for the most-watched Chinese movie, Lu Jinyu called for a gathering in a private room of a pub .

Mu Yazhe’s group of buddies was already there by the time he arrived with his woman .

“Chief, sis-in-law!”

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Everyone stood up and respectfully greeted the couple .

She smilingly said, “No need to be so formal; just call me ‘Shishi’ . ”

It feels somewhat weird to be addressed as ‘sis-in-law’ .

“That won’t do . ‘Shishi’ is our chief’s pet name for you . We don’t dare cross the line and call you that!” refused Jiang Shen half-jokingly .

Lu Jinyu, however, begged to differ . “I prefer calling you ‘Shishi’; it sounds better and friendlier . ”

He received an icy glare from his chief as soon as he said that, which made him shudder in fear .

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Jiang Shen immediately started heckling at him . “See; I knew it! Jinyu, can you see the chief’s murderous gaze? You’d better obediently stick to ‘sis-in-law’, instead . ”

The woman shot her man a petulant look . ” Hey, what are you doing?”

Jiang Shen chuckled and teasingly said, “Can’t you tell, sis-in-law? Chief is a wife-protecting maniac . He’ll get jealous if we address you by your first name . ”

Yun Shishi: “…”

“How unexpected! Chief is usually such an aloof person, but whenever sis-in-law is involved, he will turn into a jealous lover . ”

“That isn’t aloofness . He’s just a man show—outwardly cold but inwardly deep and passionate . ”

The man sent an icy look in their direction as a warning .

“Stop cracking jokes about the chief . He’s about to get angry . ”

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