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Published at 19th of September 2020 12:20:07 AM
Chapter 1894: 1894
Chapter 1894: Nightmarish Memories

Two extreme personalities—one dark, devilish and the other pure, angelic—resided in the boy .

It was why he had become this ruthless and vicious, harboring evil thoughts a mere seven-year-old should not have, whenever his dark side came out after his dissociation .

However, once his host personality—the angelic one—returned, he would hold no memories of the things he had done as his other personality .

Naturally so, he had no impression of the things he had done to Li Qin and Yun Na .

Mu Yichen became somewhat restless and anxious at the sight of his younger brother’s deep, troubled frown .

“Lil’ bro, you don’t look okay . What did daddy say?”

“He said that they have an issue to settle, so they may reach home slightly late . He wants us to wait for them patiently . ”

It got him worried .

“What happened?”

Sensing his twin’s unease, the younger boy faintly assured him . “Don’t be too worried, fool . Our parents are fine . It’s just that grandpa received a call, asking him to help with identifying a corpse, from the police earlier in the day . ”

His older brother was shocked to hear that . “A corpse?!”

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“The deceased is a woman named Li Qin . She was grandpa’s decades-long wife and our mommy’s foster mother . ” The boy’s lips curled into a cold smirk at his mention of that elderly woman, and with a look of indifference, he breezily added . “In fact, going by seniority, I should be addressing her as ‘grandma’! I was reluctant to call her that, though . She was a mean person who often bullied mommy when she was still alive . ”

He continued speaking after a beat . “She, along with her daughter, vanished without a trace some time ago, but a cadaver, which was fished out from the sea by a fisherman a month ago, is suspected of being that old hag’s as it matched the descriptions of her, so the police wanted grandpa to identify it . Mommy is with him right now; I suppose they’re still giving statements at the precinct!”

His older brother fell silent at the absurdity of the news before airing his sentiments with a frown . “Why would she go missing out of the blue and end up being recovered from the sea? That’s no suicide attempt . Rather, it appears premeditated . ”

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“Why do you say that?”

“It’s my instincts telling me so,” replied Little Yichen with a laugh .

Case investigation, being one of the important subjects taught to him during his training at a boot camp, had honed his awareness and intuition to become particularly acute .

The stunned younger twin then saw him clasping his hands behind his back before slowly smiling . “Of course, it’s not only that . Just calmly analyze it . You can see that there’s no need for a suicidal person to go all the way to the sea to kill themselves . Think about it; the capital’s prime, coastal area is where the Long Ping River meets the Eastern Sea . Supposing that she did commit suicide, she would have to take a boat ride to the Eastern Sea first . The thing is, though, only a handful of harbors are situated in the capital, and all are heavily barricaded . It’s why I suspect that she was murdered . ”

‘I suspect that she was murdered . ’

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Those few words sent Youyou’s mind into turmoil at once .

He appeared to have been injected with fragmented memories . The pleading cries of women, along with ferocious waves of thoughts, came crashing down into his chaotic mind in just moments!

The boy fell back onto the sofa in a daze and gripped his pounding forehead . He was currently in a state of inexplicable shock and uneasiness .

A few images of a certain event came flashing across his mind .

‘Not only are you an orphaned wretch, your son is also a freaking b*st*rd! You two are scourges and the banes of my life!’

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