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Published at 19th of September 2020 02:25:13 PM
Chapter 1895

‘Go ahead and cry; go ahead and shout! Your mommy isn’t home right now, so who can help you?! Who can protect you?!’

‘You’re letting her off lightly by throwing her into a pond!

‘Chop her into pieces and feed her to the sharks . She won’t be missed!

‘I’ll give you the money, so settle this business for me, alright?

‘Agent Li, pass him the money . ’

‘Youyou, don’t be blinded by revenge . ’

In the deepest recesses of the boy’s mind, a memory of a bawling Yun Na, who was kneeling before him as she begged for mercy, burst forth like a spurting fountain…

‘Youyou, Youyou… It’s this aunt of yours’ fault; I know it’s my fault! I was dumb in the past . I’m sorry! I promise never to bully you again; I won’t bully your mommy, too!

‘Are you really gonna get rid of us? Y-You’re just giving us a scare, right?! We know our mistakes now! At least, for the sake of your grandfather, please let us go! This is murder; it’s against the law and against your conscience!

‘Woo… woo… woo… I don’t want to die, please… Just let me off this once…’

Her sharp, shrill cries kept echoing, making his head pound painfully .

His fists were tightly clenched as he sat ridiculously rigid on the sofa .

The older boy, upon realizing that the other seemed out of sorts, could not help reaching out . Alas, the moment his fingers touched his brother’s skin, he realized with a start that the latter was sweating profusely .


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The little fellow, alas, did not respond to his call .

“What’s wrong?”

Just then, Youyou suddenly regained his senses . His eyes bulged wide in shock as he stared at his twin’s face .

“What’s the matter? You’re looking awful . ”

Only then did he realize that his limbs had gone icy-cold and his breathing was short and fast . His back especially was damp with cold sweat .

“I-I think… I might’ve killed someone…”

The younger boy hugged his body as he locked his brows tightly .

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The freed-up memories played on a loop in his mind, telling him clearly that he had once issued such a cruel order .

‘This is murder; it’s against the law and against your conscience!’

He shot to his feet suddenly, startling his older twin into following suit .

“Come again?” Little Yichen felt somewhat baffled . “Are you saying that you… killed someone?”

“I have to go out and settle something!”

With that, the younger boy pulled out his phone and made a call to his man . “Agent Li, come pick me up . ”

“Yes, sir . ”

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He then made his way to the front porch, where he took his coat and put it on, before heading outside with his brother chasing after him .

“Hey, where are you going?”

He turned around and instructed his older twin . “Stay here and cover for me if our parents ask about me . ”

The door was then shut with a bang by him, leaving behind his dazed, older brother .

Feeling quite gobsmacked, Little Yichen crossed his arms with a huff as he fumed . “Absolutely ridiculous! What is this?! How could he leave me alone at home while he went out to play?! I hate lil’ brother!”

On the journey home, Yun Yecheng would, from time to time, shake his head and sigh at the thought of his poor yet hateful wife . He found it quite hard to calm his tumultuous emotions . He seemed to have recalled plenty of memories of their past together .

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