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Published at 9th of September 2020 02:40:08 PM
Chapter 1866: 1866

Everyone was clear about one thing, though .

Gu Xingze might have gone off-screen this time due to his illness, but there was a high chance that he would never appear before the audience again!

All the more, Lin Fengtian could not help expressing his pity over this .

Everyone, apart from Yun Shishi, bought the story that her manager had spun for the public . Even the ace director believed that the superstar had taken ill, finding nothing fishy about it .

Meanwhile, the female artist spent the next few days in a blur, being up to her ears in work .

Her hectic schedule kept her busy as she promoted her newly released movie, filmed ‘Lethal Beauty’, updated her Weibo for publicity purposes, and guested on several variety shows . Her timetable was so packed that it hardly left her with any free time .

With fame came a large workload which she was momentarily unaccustomed to .

It turned out that being a celebrity—an overnight sensation, in particular—was such a taxing chore .

She was still in a groggy, sleepy state just a moment ago, but in the next second, she would be dragged to a dressing room to receive a makeover . After a great deal of effort, she presented her glamorous side before the camera and answered the interviewer’s questions with a sunny face .

At the end of the interview, she hardly had time for a breather before her manager whisked her away to her next schedule—this time, to a fashion studio for a magazine photoshoot .

Thereafter, as soon as she was done filming her parts on set in the evening, she would be dragged to do script-reading by her manager .

The woman was dog-tired from having slogged her guts out .

During a break, Qin Zhou slyly asked, “Shishi, how does it feel to become an overnight sensation?”

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The artist, being exhausted beyond words, could only roll her eyes and shoot him a glare, which sent him bursting into fits of laughter .

Of course, there were things worthy of joy as well .

For example, the balance in her bank account had finally hit the ten-million mark . Money kept rolling in her account for the following days after her manager clinched her several endorsement deals—two of which had advanced their talent fees on her .

She became the brand ambassador for many products with a few ones ranging from face wash and shampoo to beauty products, and the big ones ranging from luxury brand cars and departmental stores to luxury brands .

Not only that; as a spokesperson for a particular phone brand, she also had to replace her old model with the one she was endorsing for . As per the advertiser’s request, she had to use their company’s cellphone at all times whenever she was in public, even when she was going through the immigration customs . It left her in a state between laughter and tears .

She let out a sigh as she reflected on her life, which had truly been fraught with ups and downs .

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On this particular day, Yun Shishi rushed back to the production team for filming a scene she would have to share with Hua Jin . Ever since that spat between them, she had become considerably indifferent to the man .

They only had a handful of scenes with the idol, so there were few chances of them interacting .

Today, she had to act with him . The two bumped into each other in the dressing room .


The actor spotted her as soon as he entered the room . Filled with delight and excitement, he headed straight for the seat beside her and lightly nudged her after settling down . “You haven’t been on set these days . Were you busy with the promotions of your new movie?”

The woman paid him no heed .

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Desolation flashed across his eyes as he asked sheepishly, “What’s wrong? Are you still angry with me over that matter?”

She continued ignoring him, however .

Her continued silence got him all panicky, and feelings of remorse surfaced on his face . “Forgive me, alright? I really know I’m in the wrong! I’ll stop teasing and making fun of you!”

Only then did her face soften a little .

Truth be told, after such a long period, her anger toward him had dissipated considerably .

Thinking back, the man was obviously just joking around, and she could blame no one but herself and her naivety for buying his story .

Forget it!

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