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Published at 9th of September 2020 02:40:15 PM
Chapter 1865

“I didn’t know that that’s how he felt toward me…”

“You’re truly dumb . You mean you couldn’t tell? Why do you think that Xingze willingly used his resources to support you and let you have such an exposure upon your debut?! Why do you think that guy, who has never participated in a reality show, accepted a program like ‘The Love Diary’?”

Qin Zhou’s heart throbbed as he paused for a moment .

“You couldn’t tell? Even if it’s fake or just an act, he did it because he wanted to have you . It didn’t matter if it’s all just for show . Couldn’t you tell? The pampering and love he did for you during the program weren’t just an act . ”

“Enough . ”

She cut him off all of a sudden . “Why did he have to be like that? He didn’t have to accept it if he didn’t want to . Putting on a show?! I… I don’t wish for him to be that way to me! What I feel toward him is just respect for a senior—nothing more! His actions will only disturb my heart and bring about complications! I really treasure my friendship with him, but…”

“What he feels for you isn’t platonic at all,” plainly stated her manager with knitted brows .

Yun Shishi closed her eyes . “I know… but the way he’s acting will only make me feel guilty!”

Qin Zhou looked at her quietly before a smile broke out on his face . “Don’t feel guilty! If your heart aches for him, then stop meeting him! Let him forget you and minimize the feelings he has for you . Be it how you feel toward him or how he feels toward you, it’ll be nothing but a disaster . Do you understand?”

“I understand . ”

“Don’t worry; Chairman Mu’s been merciful with him and hasn’t made things harder for him . He blacklisted the superstar all so the latter could stop pining for you; that’s all . ”

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When she left Qin Zhou’s office, she held her arm absentmindedly .

The agent’s words still rang in her head . ‘Xingze’s work schedule is at a standstill! The moment Boss Mu blacklisted him, none dared to invite him on to their shows . All of the production teams removed his name from their lists . I’m afraid that he won’t be able to show himself in front of the masses for a long time . Now that he’s been banned, he’s taking this time to recuperate at home . I hope that he can be by himself to think things through peacefully!’

After Gu Xingze was blacklisted, he stopped updating his Weibo .

The fans were extremely sensitive . After all, his social-media updates previously had been at an average of one post a day following the screening of the film .

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After ten days of zero updates, his fans were worried sick . Almost a hundred thousand comments were left under his last post, all asking their idol why he had not updated his feeds in a long time and if an unforeseen event had happened to him .

All of his fans were extremely concerned . Some even came up with the conjecture that he was suffering from clinical depression . On the last show he had made an appearance, he was very quiet and seemed dispirited . The sadness in his eyes left a thousand fans feeling as if a knife had pierced their hearts .

Someone even brought up the premiere ceremony the man attended not long ago, talking about his pale and sickly complexion . They began to worry if their idol was overworked and his body had collapsed .

There were even fans who were worried if he was involved in something dubious .

The production team of ‘The Green Apple’ was finally alarmed by all these and had to respond to their inquiries by officially saying that the superstar was presently sick at home and would need a long period of recuperation, so he requested not to be disturbed by anyone in the meantime .

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As for their road tour and movie promotion, he would be absent as well .

His fans were utterly disappointed .

To show their support, many heroically booked the whole theater to watch the movie, causing the box-office sales to rise to a shocking extent .

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