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Published at 8th of September 2020 11:40:08 PM
Chapter 1864: 1864

Witnessing this, Dai Jianqing was absolutely brokenhearted .

He gritted his teeth, dying to find out the perpetrator behind this, but when he did, he dared not speak out and could only endure it!

Eventually, in less than a year, he was exposed for all the greed, corruption, and dirty dealings he had been involved in, which led to his swift downfall!

Without much thinking, he naturally knew who was behind his fall from grace!

Though the entire capital knew of the Gu family’s actions, no one dared to provoke them .

Hearing her manager’s recount, the actress conveniently linked the superstar to that powerful family .

However, Qin Zhou smiled . “Shishi, let me put it this way; with a backing like the Gus, no one will dare to find trouble with Xingze, except… of course for the Mu family . ”

The reason behind the superstar’s huge popularity was not just his outstanding singing and acting skills or his inherently gorgeous face . It was also due to the family, whom no one dared to offend, supporting him .

His father initially did not approve of him making a debut in showbiz .

For a person of the Gus to mix in the entertainment industry as an actor was dismal news when disseminated .

However, after Gu Jinglian ascended to his position, not only was there no interference, he even began throwing tons of resources onto him .

Knowing that some of the family’s influence and assets were unclean, they understood the need for a clear reputation!

Although they had a listed company, it would unavoidably rouse suspicion if their profits from it were significant .

Therefore, the head of the Gu household established the Wind Investment Fund and invested a hefty sum on his younger half-brother’s movie .

It could be said that this was the best of both worlds .

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This was why the superstar was able to remain in showbiz for so long and could not break off the relationship of dependence with his older half-brother .

Now that the actor was blacklisted and even his older half-sibling was incapable of salvaging the situation, who else apart from Mu Yazhe could have placed the ban on him?!

When the actress heard this, she understood something at once and sucked in a breath of cold air .

“You are saying…”

Her manager knocked on the table as his expression remained neutral . “Apart from the Mus, who else could openly challenge the Gu family’s prestige?”


She could not figure out why her husband would ban the superstar .

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“You are smart . You should know why Xingze got blacklisted!”

There was a hint in the agent’s gaze, and it was evident what it was .

She was taken aback as she suddenly thought of something . She lowered her head helplessly .

They sat quietly in mutual understanding .

“I… I didn’t want things to end up this way, but…”

“Do you know how much Xingze likes you? He’s been secretly giving himself to you… but I guess that there just isn’t any fate between you two! Still, that rascal seems to have been cursed . It’s like he must have you despite the countless women out there . ”

Her manager smiled all of a sudden as he looked at her playfully . “I must say; you sure have a lot of charm! You’re able to leave the superstar so captivated and make you all that he thinks about!”

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She remained quiet .

“You shouldn’t blame yourself, though . This issue has nothing to do with you . He’s the one who couldn’t think beyond and couldn’t let go . I warned him many times, but he just wouldn’t listen . There’s nothing that could be done at this point! I knew that such a day would come . If he didn’t let go of his feelings for you, he’d eventually enrage Chairman Mu . Your husband’s ban was something we’ve long foreseen . ”

Yun Shishi shut her eyes as her head throbbed in pain .

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