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Published at 7th of September 2020 11:15:08 PM
Chapter 1861: 1861

Being a media darling did not mean that the artist could capture the hearts of the viewers .

A majority of the ardent TV viewers were in their middle age . Audience of this age group was unlikely to be crazy, hot-headed following . Instead, in hopes of capturing the hearts of such people, one must consistently appear in the news to increase exposure .

A national presence would equate to confirmed viewership and box-office returns . This would mean that the artist could ask for a higher pay .

An artist’s earnings could go up or down like the stock market, but if one managed to become a household name, then a high asking price would be a sure guarantee .

Thus, right now, Yun Shishi needed to capture the audience’s heart .

Although she was popular, her national presence was not on par . As such, her commanding price could not be compared to the listers .

This was why more efforts had to be invested in selecting the scripts .

Unfortunately, the scripts presented were of varying quality, and she suffered a headache going through them .

Qin Zhou, on the other hand, was a master in this area . He was extremely critical with script selection . Those of inferior quality were immediately rejected without a second glance . Many productions that he had accepted were decided after many late nights and careful considerations .

It was hard to gauge the value of a good script .

Some productions could not offer a high rate but the script was good .

Some scripts offered a high pay, but to her manager, these were worthless productions .

In the end, he accepted two drama and three movie productions, but she was astonished to learn that, with these, her schedule was full for the next three years .

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With her head spinning, she studied her busy workload with mixed feelings .

This is probably how one feels after becoming famous overnight!

She did not know if she should smile or cry at the sight of the seven-digit jump on her bank statement and back-to-back production dates .

Her manager worked tirelessly to get her the deals thereafter .

Since she was now famous, she had become more active on social media upon her agent’s request . During this period where she was promoting the movie, she would tweet on the road, before she slept, and while reading her script…

All in all, the company wanted to increase her media exposure while the show ran in the theaters .

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Of course, the fans who left messages on her Weibo were much friendlier now, unlike in the past where unkind words were common .

Still, gossip would also abound after one became famous .

There were many who wondered if her perfect profile was a product of reconstructive surgery .

There were also those who believed that she could work with Lin Fengtian, an list director, because she had undue support .

However, there were even more who believed that she was riding on Gu Xingze’s coattails when they were made a CP .

There were countless rumors surrounding her and the superstar . Most netizens, though, had no objections to them as a pair . At the very least, they looked good together . In fact, because of the ‘The Green Apple,’ some of his fans who had disliked her at first, eventually turned into her followers . ‘The Lucky Couple’ was the talk of the town .

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To her, though, reading those pieces of gossip of a non-existent relationship was a chore .

The woman realized, with much resignation, that this publicity tactic was unfair to the man, and she knew that she could not escape the blame, either . She had agreed to it at first .

Although this was something that her manager had insisted on back then, she still felt ashamed of her participation in this matter .

What a headache!

She finally decided to make her stand clear before her agent .

“Qin Zhou, I have a request . ”

Cocking a brow, the man shot back a question . “What is it?”

“I hope that the team can stop branding me and Xingze . ”

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