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Published at 7th of September 2020 11:15:14 PM
Chapter 1860

The increasing popularity of the movie allowed Yun Shishi to experience the feeling of becoming an overnight sensation .

She had become a huge hit!

What came along with fame was the skyrocketing of her net worth .

Not only was it different from the times she had experienced fame, the benefits the movie had brought to her could also not be gauged .

When her manager tried creating hype for her awhile back, she was faced with a lot of derision and ridicule together with the exposure and fame that they were aiming at .

Now, however, the artist had proven to those who were skeptical of her that she could possess beauty and acting skills at the same time .

Lin Fengtian was sincerely happy for her, too . After a particular stop during their road tour, the director gave her some well-intended advice . “A big congrats to you, Shishi! You’re truly famous now! Many a time, celebrities tend to lose themselves in the game of fame, so I hope that you won’t become conceited from your increasing popularity and all the love showered upon you by the audience! Also, I hope that you stay true to your initial resolution and continue honing your acting skills . I’m sure you’ll become a great figure in the future! The title of ‘Best Actress’ belongs to you!”

Apart from being deeply grateful to him, the rookie actress also very much cherished his kindness of recognizing her worth and was naturally flattered by his high appreciation of her .

Nothing would beat having the chance to work with him again .

The man was her mentor, friend, and benefactor .

What was even more touching was that he had made the exception of signing a profit-sharing contract with her . She was the only one in the entire cast who was entitled to that .

Any idea what that meant?

It meant that she would receive a dividend of more than ten million should the box-office sales hit the billion mark, which was quite a tidy sum of money .

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Besides, the ticket sales were still shooting up . No one could be sure what the eventual figure would be, though there was a high chance of it breaking the mainland’s box-office sales record!

Qin Zhou, however, was quite indifferent about her overnight fame, or more accurately put, this was all within his expectations!

After all, the person he had set his eyes on must be someone outstanding . He had long since seen this coming and was, therefore, unsurprised about it .

“You’ll get more popular over time . ”

That was all he said to her .

The movie’s overwhelming popularity also brought the artist an endless stream of commercial endorsements and major motion-picture offers .

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Many production teams and advertising companies, who had their eyes on her rising fame, expressed their desire to work with her . She was even offered a jaw-dropping, eight-figure sum as an endorsement fee .

As such, those advertisers who had long signed contracts with the star were secretly gleeful of their foresight .

Just some time ago, she was still considered to be a small fry despite her having a little fame . At that time, her endorsement fees, of course, could not be compared to what the listers would receive . It usually ranged from several hundreds of thousands to a couple of millions . Her multi-million contract with Louis Vuitton was already the maximum cap!

It was all on account of Mu Yazhe to boot!

Now, with the accomplishment of hitting the several hundred million in box office sales, she became a hot cake to the advertising companies, which scrambled to flood her with endorsement contracts .

Not only that; many popular TV programs also invited her to make an appearance on their shows . Her limelight was unparalleled at the moment, and her leap to become the hottest starlet drew attention to her from everywhere .

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Besides having more audience noticing this rookie actress with decent acting skills, there were plenty of highly acclaimed directors who thought highly of her, too . As such, she received plenty of filming contracts from them .

Her manager became busy as a result, having a hell of a fun time going through the various scripts .

She, too, had to pull all-nighters to read the scripts, though the more she read on, the dizzier and more bedazzled she became .

It was no joke at all since she received so many offers and a dozen or so scripts .

There were network dramas, period dramas, modern dramas, idol dramas, palace dramas, and even an espionage drama for the central broadcasting station .

Being able to shoot a drama for the central broadcasting station meant that she had speedily amassed popularity among the mainland audience in the shortest time .

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