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Published at 6th of September 2020 12:30:18 AM
Chapter 1853

These are my good intentions!

How can this dummy brother of mine understand it?!

The other boy had truly been unfairly maligned .

Even though he had not explicitly stated it out, he had actually already booked all the theaters under Huanyu, bought several millions’ worth of movie tickets, and had promotional brochures distributed to the public beforehand .

Two free movie tickets for ‘The Green Apple’ would be given to each customer who spent at least five hundred yuan on Lezhi products during Christmas .

How wasteful would it be to give them out for free?

By doing so, not only could he raise his company’s profits, he could also show his support for mommy’s movie . It was indeed marvelous of him to come up with such a trick—truly killing two birds with one stone .

In comparison, the older twin was indeed a tad weaker than he was in that aspect!

Youyou simply snorted coldly before shooting him with a contemptuous look .

The sight of these living treasures would considerably lighten Yun Shishi’s mood even at her most desolate state . She scooped these cute, little buns into her arms and smilingly gushed, “Goodness, both of you… I love my boys to death!”

“It’s enough for mommy to love me alone; it’s best if you don’t love this big dummy beside me . ” The younger one casually threw this derisive remark .

The older boy felt aggrieved . “Bro, you’re ostracizing me!”

“Who’s ostracizing you?”

His brother proudly snorted at him and then lightly remarked, “I don’t wanna be in the same team as you! Hah! You even booked an entire cinema… Mu Yichen, you’re all grown up and capable now! It appears that daddy gave you plenty of pocket money this time!”

Feeling wronged, he twiddled his index fingers . “What? Those are my hard-put savings!”

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“Have fun feeling smug then! How many kids your age have millions of pocket money to waste?” The other boy yet again threw another sarcastic remark at him .

This got him sullenly pouting his small lips .

Bro just can’t live a day without going against me .

Even though he had pretty much gotten used to his twin’s proud and vicious nature after spending lots of time with him, the other’s disses still hurt him at times .

“That’s enough! Both of you aren’t allowed to quarrel!” chided their mother lightly, shooing them away by patting their little butts thereafter . “Quickly go take a bath!”

“We’ve already bathed ourselves, mommy! You can take a sniff to check if we smell fragrant!” He hugged the woman tightly as he snuggled in her embrace .

“Then, it’s time to go to bed now . It’s getting late . ”

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She chased the little ones to bed . “You still have school tomorrow!”

“Stupid mommy, it’s Sunday tomorrow!” reminded her younger son in disdain .

Only after she had taken a gander at the calendar did she realize with a start that, due to being crammed with work these past few days, she had lost her sense of time .

It was indeed Sunday the next day .

“Oh! My bad . Shall I read a bedtime story to you then?” she gently coaxed .

As soon as the older twin heard that, he pulled himself away from her and ran to his bedroom, cheering, “Mommy, I’ll wait for you in bed!”

The woman burst out chuckling at the boy’s goofiness!

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That clown!

Youyou, too, shyly added, “Mommy, I’ll be waiting for you in bed to read us a story as well!”

With that, he pitter-pattered back to his bedroom .

Their sudden obedience surprised her .

Indeed, life was full of sunshine with the two buns around!

Thus, she soon put the gloomy thoughts behind her!

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