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Published at 4th of September 2020 10:45:08 PM
Chapter 1852: 1852
Chapter 1852: Little Yichen’s Good Intentions

He simply turned his back on her after dropping those cold words .

She thought he would shake her hands off him and leave right away, but instead, he remained rooted to the spot . In an extremely resigned voice, he slowly asked, “Shishi, do you know?”


“Out of the countless fantasies I had, I never imagined such an outcome between us . ”

He let out a self-deprecating laugh . “I just hope that your choice is right!”

The man then slowly made his leave, dragging his heavy body away from her .

Yun Shishi could sense the heaviness in his cold words as she watched his resolute departure; it was as if a knife had left a deep, bloody mark in his heart .

Hence, it left her feeling soulless and distraught as she sat in the passenger’s seat on the way home .

She received a call from her youngest son right then . His mischievous voice rang from the other end when the call connected . “Mommy, I watched the live broadcast of your movie premiere, and you looked ravishing! Your beauty has totally reached a new height!”


“Mommy, when are you coming home?”

She forced herself to be enthusiastic . “I’m on my way home already! I’ll be there in fifteen minutes tops!”

“Noted! Will you have supper here?”

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“No, it’s fine . ”

On the other end, the lad could acutely sense her despondency from her voice and could not help himself from feeling worried about her . “What’s the matter? You sound… unhappy . Did someone bully you or give you attitude at work?”

“No… I’m just feeling a little tired!”

He laughed in relief upon hearing that, cooing thereafter, “That’s fine! When you’re back home, I’ll give you a shoulder massage!”

“Okay! Youyou is such a good boy!”

Her hand dropped feebly to the seat when the call ended . As she gazed at the flashing scenery outside the window, Gu Xingze’s desolate voice rang in her ears .

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‘Out of the countless fantasies I had, I never imagined such an outcome between us .

‘I just hope that your choice is right!’

She shut her eyes tightly at that, forcing herself not to let her thoughts run wild .

Her arrival back home sent the twins dashing to the front porch to welcome her .

Like stars clustering around the moon, the two lads cheerfully busied themselves in collecting her outer coat and carrying her handbag as they welcomed her to the living room before giving her four limbs a massage .

The younger twin suddenly gave her a mischievous smile . “It’s been tough on you today, mommy! From what I’ve watched earlier, mommy is the prettiest-looking star among all those celebrities!”

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Little Yichen chimed in brightly, “Yeah! I’ve seen the movie trailer and it looks interesting! I’m gonna head down to the cinema tomorrow with bro and book the entire theater to help mommy boost the ticket sales!”

“Yes, how high-handed of you!” exclaimed his sibling .

Unwilling to back down, he countered, “Of course, I have to support mommy’s movie! What’s wrong with me spending my pocket money to book the entire theater?”

He then added with a grin, “On second thought, with mommy’s good looks, the movie’s ticket sales will surely reach a new height!”

Her older son’s declaration left her flabbergasted . “Are you going to book the entire theater to watch the show?”


He then thought to himself, With daddy’s help, I already booked the entire theater of several cinemas for the sake of boosting the ticket sales of mommy’s movie at Christmas .

I’ve already checked, and there’ll be ten movies playing in the cinemas during the Christmas holiday . If mommy’s movie can top the bill that day, the movie’s ratings will rise alongside, which, in turn, can be beneficial in boosting the total box-office sales .

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