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Chapter 1758: 1758

She could not help feeling disappointed at his reply, thinking that this was his excuse not to attend her engagement ceremony .

 Her disappointment was plainly reflected in her tone . “Xiao Jie, are you that… unwilling to attend my engagement ceremony?”

 This long-lost brother of hers, whom she was reunited with after a decade and a half of separation, was especially precious to her .

 At the same time, she really hoped to receive blessings for her happiness from those closest to her .

 To her, Gong Jie was as important as her two sons .

 “Sis, I just stepped off the plane . I have something important to attend in the US so I’m not in China right now . ”

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 After a brief pause, he added, “As for your engagement ceremony, can you give me some time to consider?”

 His voice, from the other end, sounded depressed and resigned .

 Startled, she could only respond with a sad smile . “I won’t force you; no matter what, I’ll reserve a seat for you!”

 There was a long silence . The man seemed to mull over it for a while before replying, “I understand . ”

 She gave a sigh after putting down the phone . Although her younger brother seemed to agree to her invitation, she wondered if he would really turn up!

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 Now that he was not in the country, she knew it would be even harder to give him the card, which she had specially set aside .

 Sipping her lower lip, she opened the drawer and stowed the invitation card away .

 The next day, Mu Yazhe arranged for someone to drive her to the production set while he set off for his office .

 By the time she returned from work, he already had a chauffeur waiting to send her to a wedding dress shop .

 LOVER, a professional wedding boutique for customized bridal gowns .

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 Although this was only an engagement ceremony and there was no need for a wedding gown, a formal matrimonial attire was still necessary .

 The man had excused himself from meetings early on and had been waiting for her inside the shop .

 He was a careful planner and had arranged everything down to the last detail .

 Once she entered the store, the manager there ushered her into the VIP room to take her measurements .

 As he started with the measurement, he praised her figure with pleasant surprise . “Miss Yun, you have the perfect measurement . You are, what we call, a perfect coat-hanger . Surely, any design and style will look good on you!”

 For a moment, she could not figure out if the manager was trying to flatter her or being sincere . Still, she had to be polite so she simply replied, “He he! Thank you for your compliment!”

 “It’s not flattery; I really mean it! As a professional tailor, we are very particular about a person’s body proportion! The more exact a woman’s figure is, the better she’ll look in our gown! There’re fewer restrictions, too, when it comes to the design and style . ”

 From one side, a handful of shop assistants also started circling her as they busied with the meticulous details, such as measuring her wrists, shoulder length, and girdle…

 LOVER was well-known in the capital as the top go-to shop for formal wear, and many stars and socialites were their regular clients . The reason this store could enjoy such good reputation was that their handiwork was truly sublime, delicate, and exclusive .

 Every gown was handcrafted, and the measurements were just right—nothing more, nothing less . Not even 0 . 1 millimeter of subtle error was allowed to happen .

 Because of this, no gown from this shop would not fit its wearer to a T . Every outfit was highly customized .

 Not only that; their dresses were all designed in-house and never mass-produced .