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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:23:02 PM
Chapter 1757

“There are different types of western-style bridal gowns, namely retro, graceful, and elegant . Custom-made matrimonial outfits tend to be costlier! I will like any dress on you regardless of its design . ”

 Well, women evidently tended to be fussy about their wedding attires .

 Each of them wished to become the world’s most beautiful bride on their wedding day .

 She was no exception to that .

 On the other hand, there were very few men who would pay much attention to the details of their wedding or would even have such patience to brush up their knowledge about the styles of wedding gowns .

 She recalled one of her colleagues—before the woman’s wedding—excitedly pulling her fiancé to a bridal gown shop and going through the trouble of trying on different dresses to pick one . However, when she sought her fiancé’s opinion, all she received in exchange was his irritated look .

 He spat, “It’s only a wedding! Must we go through such a complex process? The matrimonial attire is only for show, and you won’t be wearing it again after our marriage! Should you be so fussy about it?”

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 Right in front of a crowd, that aggrieved colleague broke down into tears and got into an argument with her fiancé . They ended up parting on bad terms on the spot .

 “Actually, there’s no need for an expensive, custom-made dress . I think I look good in anything!”

 “The most important thing is your preference, understand?” Mu Yazhe placed heavy emphasis on that . “You don’t have to be thrifty . It’s a once-in-lifetime event, so how can I let you feel aggrieved in any way?”

 A sweet smile graced Yun Shishi’s face . Inwardly, her heart was overflowing with the sweetness of honey .

 Oh, how much she wanted to tell him, Hubby, how can you dote on me so much? You’re going to spoil me rotten at this rate!

 Alas, the words that reached her lips got swallowed back down .

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 Was it not a blissful thing to have someone doting on her?

 Thus, she said, instead, “Honestly speaking, there are many styles that I like! I’m very fond of the fusion dress at a wedding show that I’ve seen before!”

 That particular dress did not carry the traditional Oriental-style per se; it was an off-shoulder dress with a skirt reaching to the floor which was akin to a mesmerizing, blooming lily . The matrimonial outfit’s neckline and sleeve designs adopted Chinese su-embroidery . It had a touch of French elegance and fantasy elements, along with Oriental charms .

 It was a stunning gown .

 “It’s good that you have an idea of what you want . I’ll get in touch with a few wedding dress designers and convey your ideas to them; we’ll see what designs they come up with from that! Later, you just need to pick the style you want!”

 He was going to order a custom-made bridal gown for her, huh!

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 She felt so touched by his gesture that she did not know what to do other than nod her head with a silly smile on her face . “Alright!”

 That evening, when she was organizing the invitation cards that had not been sent out, her gaze suddenly landed on one with a particularly exquisite design .

 The neatly written words ‘Gong Jie’ were on the space for the guest’s name .

 Would he come to her engagement ceremony?

 She was eager to receive his blessings .

 At the thought of this, she picked up her phone to make a call to her brother .

 The call soon connected .

 “Xiao Jie, where are you at?”

 “What’s the matter, sis?”

 She answered, “I have something for you . ”

 All she received from the other end was a pregnant silence before his voice finally came through . “Is it an invitation card?”

 “…Well, yes!”

 The younger sibling, however, answered, “I’m a little busy now . I won’t be free . ”