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Published at 31st of July 2020 06:45:32 AM
Chapter 1740
Chapter 1740: Hua Jin’s Background (2)


“What made you join this industry?”

His face suddenly changed, and his expression cooled somewhat . “Do you think I’m here because I like acting?”

“…What do you mean?”

“I joined this industry a few years earlier than you did, so I’ve seen enough of the people in here . Sometimes, I really feel tired, but even if I feel tired, I still have to play by the rules of the game here . ”

Pausing, he turned his head to look at her . “Do you know how much I envy you?”

She was puzzled at his sudden question .

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“You asked me what made me join this industry, right? I didn’t join it willingly; instead, I was made to become part of it . ”

“Made to?”

“Eh! I was sold by my father to work here!” He looked downcast as he spoke .

Yun Shishi was dumbfounded . “Sold?!”

She looked at him with astonishment and thought that he was joking at first . What kind of father would sell his son to work in this industry?

For the first time, she had interest in his background .

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Looking shocked, she quickly probed . “What do you mean by that? What do you mean by you being sold to work here?”

“It’s because… my father gambled a lot and eventually incurred a debt he couldn’t pay, so he ended up selling me to his creditor . ”

While he spoke, his lips curled into a self-depreciating jest . “This sounds ridiculously funny, right? I couldn’t believe it at first, too—that my father would do such a thing . I was only fifteen then . ”

Slowly, he narrated his life story to her sans any emotions; it was as if he were sharing someone else’s story .

Actually, he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth . His father was part of MNC’s upper management, while his mother ran her business .

The financial crisis in 1998, which swept across the whole Asia, threw his wealthy family into disarray .

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His mother’s business closed down; not only that, MNC was not spared from the onslaught of economic recession .

The family had to face sizable debts just as his mother’s company folded . At that critical moment, his father had taken the risky move of embezzling company funds to pay off their debts .

This matter was found out, unfortunately . As his father was unable to pay off the amount he had stolen, he was sued and eventually sent to prison .

His ten years’ jail term was an added woe to his family which was breaking apart .

Despite their struggles, he had never complained once . As a young boy, he tried his best to be obedient and studious . Alas, his mother could not stand the hardship and ditched them in the fifth year; she chose to flee from this city with another man .

His father learned about this while he was serving time in prison and seriously fell ill .

After he was released from prison, the man could not find a job due to his past crime . Although he was very capable, most companies wanted employees whom they could trust . With his past record, who would want to employ him?

Hence, without a stable income, his father eventually had to look for a manual job at a construction site .

His drastic fall from grace was difficult for the man to swallow .

He was once honored and accomplished, yet look at him in the end? It was hard for others to imagine what he was feeling .