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Published at 31st of July 2020 06:45:46 AM
Chapter 1736
Chapter 1736: A Bold Move

Lu Jinyu had much more experience in this aspect .

This was the reason for him asking out here . “How much can I withdraw in a short time frame?”

His buddy was too taken aback to respond at once .

“…Chief, does that mean that you want to use your money for the wedding?”

“Yes . ”

“Why?” That really got his man confused .

Mu Yazhe could simply use the huge assets readily available from his family; in fact, he could easily raise several hundreds of millions of funds overnight without a hitch .

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There was no need to touch his hidden money .

“You don’t have to question my decision . I have my reason for doing this . ”

“Alright! I understand . ”

He did some mental calculation and finally spoke after a few moments of silence . “Most of your funds are locked in various investment entities . I’ve calculated, and there’s not a lot of money we can withdraw for use in a short time; you can get out, give or take, about tens of millions . ”

When the man heard that, he frowned . “That’s insufficient . ”

His buddy sighed . “What to do? The year-end is drawing near and money is tightly locked in during this period! This is what we can withdraw at most!”

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The man tapped his fingertip lightly on the tabletop . “How long will it take to pull out 500 million yuan?”

Cocking his brow in astonishment, the other mentally calculated again . “We’ll have to wait after the new year at least . Our investments will make large profits then, and a few hundreds of millions won’t be an issue!”

“Does it have to take that long?!”

“How about the matrimonial home? Are you preparing this by yourself, too?”

The man answered brashly, “Haven’t you heard me earlier? I’m not going to touch one cent from my family . All the properties under my name currently belong to the Mus . I’ll definitely purchase another property and put it under her name this time!”

Pouting, Lu Jinyu retorted, “The matrimonial home isn’t the biggest concern! The real question is how do you want the wedding to look? Having a wedding is like a bottomless pit, and there’s no limit to how much you can spend . ”

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“It has to be glamorous naturally!” The man answered the question in his deep tonal voice . “I don’t want to postpone the wedding for long . As for what you’ve said just now, I have no issue with waiting for the money to come in after the new year . I don’t wanna hold a wedding in winter, too! The wedding is good after spring . Keep a close watch over the capital for me!”

His confidante was really curious about Yun Shishi by now!

Indeed, what kind of woman was she to make his chief put so many lavish details on their wedding—even to the point of touching his secret funds willingly?

This had never happened before!

“Chief, when is the engagement ceremony?”

His boss smiled . “The preparation is almost done! I’ll invite you when the time comes . ”

“Oh; good! I’m looking forward to it!”

He sat at the table and assumed a serious look all of a sudden . “Chief, putting this aside; since you asked for me, I have some things I need to bring to your attention!”

“What are those?”

The man’s expression turned cautious as well .

Soon, he discussed the problems that had surfaced within the company recently . When it came to critical matters, as a sworn brother, he would never make his decision and would always seek his boss’ advice .

Five years ago, the man started building his influence outside the Mu Group .

He immediately sought Lu Jinyu as his right-hand man .